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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


Dot Connector

Good collection of articles in this Dot Connector magazine, free download. A good thing to print out and carelessly leave lying around where people will see it.

Our misleaders promise us a hot summer. Some already call it "the Summer of Rage". The very fact that they knew in advance what was going to happen, when, where, and at which scale, indicates that the "rage" has been planned long before and is now being carefully stimulated and directed. Already Obama calls the troops back home from Iraq to ensure "law enforcement" in the US (a question of "saving America from Americans"), while the European Politburo pushes countries to vote for the Lisbon Treaty, which in a footnote would introduce throughout Europe the death penalty "in the case of war, riots, upheaval".

The meanstream media tirelessly stress upon the economic and financial nature of the current crisis and of the revolts it causes. Of course, when a car runs out of gas and stops, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it stops because there is no more gas in the tank. But the real question is: why there is no more gas? Is it because we've been driving too fast and too long, or because there is a leak in the tank or, even worse, in the motor itself? It's important to know because, if there is a leak, simply refilling the tank is not going to help for a long time and may even cause an explosion.

Just as in this example, where the problem of gas is not a "gas problem", the true nature of the current crisis is not economic and/or financial. It is the crisis of the entire System of Power, or the Matrix of Power, as Jordan Maxwell calls it.

The three cornerstones of this System, in its modern version, are usury, lie and corruption. The honest-outside-but-theft-inside practice of usury is, simply put, lending money on interest, then lending interest disguised as money on more interest, thus getting interest on interest, and so on and on. This way money is being created out of nothing, without producing anything. Computers and internet gave birth to the so-called "electronic money", which has accelerated the process of "money cloning" so dramatically that in just a couple of decades the sum total of non-existing interest money has not only exceeded the sum total of existing money – it has also exceeded the total value of all the goods and services produced not just at any national but at the global scale. The result of it is what we are living through today.

As for two other cornerstones – lie and corruption – the System has now arrived to the point where, to keep up appearences, its managers (aka presidents, queens, ministers, etc.) have to lie not just occasionally, not just about "certain things", but all the time and about everything. Corruption, which had spread from top downwards for centuries, has finally touched the bottom of the pyramid. To go further would mean bribing workers, which is not at all what the System was designed for.

Those in the know were always aware that the System would finally die of exhaustion. Having created it themselves and for themselves only, they have also long known that no more improvement would keep it alive. But although for them this System was nothing but a tool (however powerful and sophisticated it was), for the rest of us it was, and still is, the world we are living in.

This summer the managers of the dying System are going to put into practice drastic measures of saving the world from its habitants. But no panic and no riots, please! What they are trying to save is their world – the false image of the real world they have put in our minds. They want us to believe that fighting back we would defend our freedom and life, but it's the System that we would fight for if we did!

So, what to do? What to do not? What to expect? What to get ready for? The current issue of The Dot Connector is all about that. Its articles have nothing to do with "fear mongering" – they expose the danger to make it avoidable.


US backing for world currency stuns markets

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner shocked global markets by revealing that Washington is "quite open" to Chinese proposals for the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the International Monetary Fund.

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China says Pentagon report will hurt military ties

BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States' latest report on China's growing military power throws new obstacles in the way of restoring defense ties between the two powers, a Chinese spokesman said in the latest broadside at Washington.

Beijing has already voiced its unhappiness with the U.S. Defense Department's annual report on Chinese military capabilities, released this week.

But now Hu Changming, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, has said his government's anger over the report could have real implications for plans to improve military contacts, which took a dive last year over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

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New Rule would allow banks to choose values of their assets


The Financial Accounting Standards Board quietly buckled to banking-industry pressure last week and proposed new accounting practices that would allow banks to value assets at a higher price than they could currently be sold for.

Banks have long demanded the "mark-to-market" accounting rule change, arguing that it's unfair to require them to mark toxic assets down to current market prices because the very market for those assets is frozen.

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WTO: protectionism on rise, endangering recovery

Protecting yourself = bad. Bad bad bad. Bad Sovereignty. According to the WTO. - Ed.

The world is slipping dangerously into protectionism, threatening to strangle global economic recovery, the World Trade Organization said.

In an alarm bell to WTO's 153 members, Director-General Pascal Lamy said free trade has suffered "significant slippage" this year as countries have erected new barriers to imports in the form of tariffs, subsidies and other measures designed to protect domestic industries.

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More Booze for the Drunk!

It's not what WE want that matters, it's what THEY want. - Ed.


As a direct consequence the financial system is now chock full of bad loans. And as I have repeatedly pointed out, and as any honest financial and banking analyst will tell you, a bad loan's loss occurs when the loan is made.

That is, the loss has occurred at that time and cannot be prevented. We can only choose who "eats" that loss, not whether it will occur, beyond the point where the bad loan has been made.

The government has not only proposed but ratified that these losses, which were created as a consequence of bad decisions by the bankers, are to be borne by the taxpayers, even though the profits were made and have been retained by the bankers.

The truth is that these losses are larger than the government can absorb and pass to the taxpayer. The banking system and economy cannot return to growth until the bad debt is cleared, and since it cannot be absorbed it must be defaulted.

We are therefore faced with two alternatives:

  1. Force the banks to eat their own losses, in which case they will go under.
  2. Attempt to force the taxpayers to eat the losses while the banks keep the profits, in which case the government will go under.

The longer we wait to do the right thing (#1), the greater the odds that outcome #2 happens whether we want it to or not.

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Mexico, Pakistan, and the so-called 'failed state'

Are Mexican drug cartels a threat to the United States? This is an easy conclusion to make after reading most mainstream U.S. newspapers. Hardly a day goes by without sensational stories about “broad daylight” gun battles, heart-wrenching interviews with weeping mothers, and praise for the Mexican army in its “war” against “narco-terrorists.”

Interestingly, Mexico has lately been compared to Pakistan as a country “on the verge” of becoming a “failed state,” with the Mexican drug cartels accused of playing the same “destabilizing” role as the Taliban/terrorists in Pakistan. Calling such a comparison a stretch would be a gross understatement, of course.

There is in fact a real connection between Mexico and Pakistan that’s worth discussing, though you’d never hear it mentioned in the mainstream media. Both countries have governments that are virtual pawns of the U.S. and, as such, are having a difficult time with their native populations as they attempt to please their real bosses — U.S. mega-corporations and rich investors.

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11 accused of ransacking in Venezuela synagogue

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CARACAS, Venezuela—Venezuelan prosecutors have filed charges against eight police officers and three other people, accusing them of involvement in a January attack on Caracas' largest synagogue, prosecutors said Thursday.

The Corporate Sociopath


What is dangerously insane now is that, even though the major factors involved in the financial meltdown still haven't been fixed, network news and financial programs are back, hawking "the brilliance of the market" as proof that the system is working again.

Why? "The wisdom of the market" just cost the world $45 trillion in wealth. That financial body isn't even cold, and yet the carnival barkers are back and trying to take us for more.

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IAEA fails to elect new head

PARIS — Officials from 35 nations failed to agree on a successor to Mohamed ElBaradei as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency in a second day of voting on Friday, the agency said, opening the field to new candidates.

The officials, grouped in the agency’s board of governors, deadlocked after the leading candidate, Yukiya Amano, a Japanese official who is his country’s ambassador to the organization, fell one vote short of the two-thirds majority required for election in the vote at the agency’s headquarters in Vienna.

Mr. Amano outpolled his South African counterpart, Abdul Samad Minty, in three rounds of voting on Thursday and an additional three rounds on Friday, but never obtained the necessary margin for victory. With 24 votes required, Mr. Amano took 23 “yes” votes in the initial Friday poll on his candidacy, and in a later round received 22 affirmative votes with one abstention. In the final round, Mr. Minty garnered 15 “yes” votes with one abstention.

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Washington Post story - same topic:

VIENNA -- A low-key Japanese diplomat could become head of the International Atomic Energy Agency when the organization charged with blocking the spread of nuclear arms meets this week to replace chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

ElBaradei's successor will influence how the world meets the nuclear challenges posed by Iran, Syria or of extremists thought to be seeking the bomb. Nonproliferation is the IAEA's most high-profile task and the agency's director-general can determine the style and intensity of how the agency carries out its duties.

The change in leadership comes at a potentially pivotal time in U.S.-Iran relations: the new American administration has signaled it is ready for direct negotiations with Tehran over nuclear and other issues.


Sudan says Israel 'most probably' behind attack

Sudan said on Friday it believed Israel was behind two attacks on suspected smugglers which killed up to 40 people in the remote north of the country in January and February.

"The first thought is that it was the Americans that did it. We contacted the Americans and they categorically denied they were involved," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali al-Sadig said. "We are still trying to verify it. Most probably it involved Israel."

Sadig said Sudan was gathering evidence at the site, and would not react to the attacks while the investigation was ongoing. He added that the convoys were likely smuggling goods, but not weapons.

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Iridium provides update on satellite constellation

Go read how tied in this company is to the US gov. - Ed.

Iridium is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, March 4, 2009, the company completed the replacement of the operational Iridium satellite lost in the collision three weeks ago with a non-operational Russian satellite.

The unique architecture of Iridium's fully-meshed network of 66 satellites enabled the continuity of service to Iridium's customers while one of Iridium's in-orbit spares was prepared and maneuvered into the constellation.

"I am particularly proud of the Iridium and Boeing teams that manage our constellation. They moved quickly, efficiently and effectively to limit the minor service degradation caused by the collision and to return our constellation to its full configuration," said Matt Desch, chairman and chief executive officer, Iridium.

"They are among the best in the business, and the speed with which they acted is testament to their ingenuity and commitment to Iridium's customers."

Iridium, along with many other commercial space operators, has been engaged for some time with the U.S. government in an effort to improve assessment and warning in venues such as the Commercial and Foreign Entities program, direct interaction with the U.S. Strategic Command and the National Space Security Office, and with industry organizations such as the Satellite Industry Association.

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Cities deal with a surge in shantytowns

As the operations manager of an outreach center for the homeless here, Paul Stack is used to seeing people down on their luck. What he had never seen before was people living in tents and lean-tos on the railroad lot across from the center.

“They just popped up about 18 months ago,” Mr. Stack said. “One day it was empty. The next day, there were people living there.”

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Must Reads for Today

Cryptogon and Urban Survival

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America?


Everywhere I turn people are upset. Even the older folks realize there is something deadly wrong. Is the preparation by our government to deal with civil unrest a sign of things to come? Will we be playing into their hands by standing up for our rights and making an attempt to stop the criminal activities from the White House and Congress and the Federal Reserve and Wall Street?

Is the plan to totally repress Americans by military and police force and blame it all on the 'people?'

What are our choices, where do we begin and can we do anything?

Too many questions, too much disinformation and too little time.

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FBI chief urges renewal of Patriot Act

More psyops, this time for us. - Ed.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III urged lawmakers yesterday to renew intelligence-gathering measures in the USA Patriot Act that are set to expire in December, calling them "exceptional" tools to help protect national security. [National Security defined as what's good for the elite. - Ed.]

The law, passed shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, created divisions between proponents, who said it was necessary to deter terrorism, and privacy advocates warning that it tramples on Americans' civil liberties. Portions of the law are up for reauthorization this year.

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Fanatics 'could use roadside bombs to kill VIPs in Britian'

A little psyops with your coffee, whip the brits into a frenzy... - Ed.

Terrorists could use Iraq-style roadside bombs to target VIPs in Britain, officials fear.

An attack by a nuclear 'dirty bomb', which spreads radioactive material, is also becoming more likely, according to an official report yesterday. How do they know?????? - Ed.

The latest counter-terrorism document claimed Al Qaeda has 'failed' in its goal of creating mass movements and overthrowing governments and may not survive in its current form.

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Money Magazine recommends commodities

The current issue of Money Magazine is quite shocking. I've railed against what they've been writing for years now about conventional investment advice and, from the looks of the latest issue, you'd think they saw Jim Cramer on the Daily Show and figured they'd better get out ahead of the curve.

As the cover story is not yet on line - The 7 New Rules of Financial Security - there's something else in the April issue that is online that is well worth sharing, the equally shocking recommendation to buy commodities in this report by senior writer Janice Revell.

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Story: US Fraud Scheme Launched Monday in Big Trouble


Thursday 26 March 2009 00:01






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The Great American Spectacle

We are living through history in the making. Not the good kind of history. More like Nero-fiddling-while-Rome-burned history.

The kind of history we are seeing now is an empire in terminal and rapid decline. As the greatest single nation in history disintegrates, like Rome and hundreds of other empires before it, the public spectacles and orchestrated circuses for the masses keep getting bigger.

Public spectacle number one: Lies, lots of them.

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The Boxwood Maze and the Pecking Order

Most of us get our news each day from some source or sources that report to us about things that happen in places near and far. Since a great deal of the news that gets made, gets made in restricted government and business locations, we don’t have access to what actually gets said and done. Often they don’t even tell us what that is. They tell us what it means and in government, business and religion they have divisions that shape the appearance of what they say and do, then they hand it to the media who shapes the presentation.

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Public Smackdown

Treasuries little changed before sale of 7 year notes

I swear this headline said "treasuries fall" about an hour ago. - Ed.

By Anchalee Worrachate and Wes Goodman

March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Treasuries were little changed as the government prepared to sell $24 billion of seven-year notes, the third auction this week of a record $98 billion in notes.

Ten-year Treasuries pared earlier losses traded after the Commerce Department reported gross domestic product contracted 6.3 percent from October to December. The Federal Reserve bought $7.5 billion of Treasuries yesterday, its first targeted purchases since the early 1960s.

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China's Zhou says economy recovers on decisive action

Was the "decision" action demanding and getting a large cash payment from the US? - Ed.

March 26 (Bloomberg) -- People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the world’s third-largest economy is recovering and contrasted his government’s “decisive” action with delays in other countries.

“Leading indicators are pointing to recovery of economic growth,” Zhou said in an article on the central bank’s Web site today. The government “has taken prompt, decisive and effective policy measures, demonstrating its superior system advantage when it comes to making vital policy decisions,” he said.

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Goon Squad: US supplied weapons to Israel

These are some of the weapons we Americans are supplying to that nation of racist bigots, Israel.
Read more @ Goon Squad

Kin lose bid for release of 9/11 info

A Manhattan judge on Wednesday dealt a blow to families of 9/11 victims seeking the release of documents they say will reveal how the 19 terrorists slipped past airport security.

Judge Alvin Hellerstein rejected three families' request to create a public trove of documents turned over by airlines and security companies during the course of litigation.

Hellerstein said forcing the turnover of the documents would bog down efforts to bring to trial suits filed by the families who've refused to accept a monetary settlement of their claims.

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Satanic Fabian Warmongers

Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism is laughable. He and his witch of a wife profess to be Christians, supposedly qualified to comment on the religions future, and yet, have been known to enjoy howling at the moon from time to time.

As is well recognised, Blair is a genocidal war monger. So while much of his work may sit under the general public’s radar these days, it will come as no surprise that he is up to no good in the Middle East.

Having incited Israel’s recent insane attack on Gaza, he is now point man in the continuing drive to get Israel to attack Iran. Yes, that’s right, now that Cheney is gone, and the (at least financially) floundering Obama administration refuses to tow the Armageddonist foreign policy line, it is down to Blair to bring on the Third World War.

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Netanyahu posturing

As soon as he is sworn in as Israel's next prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu plans to hold a series of consultations aimed at crystallizing his new government's policy on the Palestinians.

Netanyahu's first act toward this end will be the formation of an administrative body whose task is to promote economic peace with the Palestinians. The department will have a mandate to concentrate the government's activities vis-a-vis the international community, particularly with the Quartet's special envoy to the region, Tony Blair, and the Palestinian Authority. Netanyahu's government will seek to advance some 25 economic initiatives in the West Bank.

Netanyahu associates are hopeful that the process of formulating policy will be complete by April, that is just before Netanyahu's planned trip to the United States currently scheduled for May 3. Aides also said Netanyahu will try to hold at least one cabinet meeting that is to be devoted to Israel's policies in the territories.

Read more @ Haaretz


Nazis of our Age

Uzi Arad is an advocate of “maximum deterrence” towards Iran and has said Israel should threaten to strike ‘everything and anything of value.’ He has said Israel should threaten to hit the Iranian leadership and their holiest sites and that they should hit everything together. This comes from the man tipped to become Netanyahu’s national security adviser.

Arad also recently made the following remarks about the Palestinians. During an interview on Israel National News TV (Arutz Sheva is a media network based in the West Bank and is seen as the voice of the Jewish settler movement), Arad was asked whether the time has come to abandon the two-state solution. This is how he responded:

I don’t think that one has to go that far because at the end of the day, I don’t think the majority of Israelis want to see themselves responsible for the Palestinians. We do not want to control the Palestinian population. It’s unnecessary. What we do want is to care for our borders, for the Jewish settlements and for areas which are unpopulated and to have our security interests served well. But also to take under our responsibility these populations which, believe me, are not the most productive on earth, would become a burden. We want to relieve ourselves of the burden of the Palestinian populations - not territories. It is territory we want to preserve, but populations we want to rid ourselves of.

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Senior PLO official killed in South Lebanon bombing

A top Palestinian official and three other people were killed in a roadside bombing outside a restive refugee camp in southern Lebanon on Monday. Senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Kamal Medhat, two of his bodyguards and another Palestinian official were traveling in a convoy when the bomb exploded at the entrance of the Mieh Mieh camp near the town of Sidon.


Zaki blamed Israel for the killing and warned it would have serious repercussions in Lebanon and the Palestinian camps.

"Those behind the killing are working in one way or another for Israel," said Zaki, who had left the camp in another vehicle just minutes before the blast. "We are trying to calm the situation inside the camps." Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is also the head of the PLO, "condemned this terrorist crime," according to a statement from his office.

Read more @ The Daily Star

Netanyahu 'will be peace partner'

Uh huh. Oh you betcha. - Ed.

Israel's next prime minister, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, has said his incoming government will be a "partner for peace" with the Palestinians.

He said he would negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, a change of tack after being critical of previous talks.

Read more @ BBC News

Israel's lunatic fringe rejects Obama's plans

Drama queens. - Ed.

Members of an Israeli right-wing faction have expressed their opposition to US President Barack Obama's support for a two-state solution.

Over 1,800 members of the Unity Coalition for Israel (UCI) have sent emails to President Obama and other members of his staff, questioning "the wisdom" of the new US administration.

The letters were sent in reaction to an announcement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to the region that the establishment of "a Palestinian state" is a priority for the Obama administration, the Israeli Channel 7 reported.

The move came after far right Knesset member Aryeh Eldad protested Clinton's remarks.

Eldad had told Clinton that "most Israeli citizens" do not want the establishment of a Palestinian state.

He also accused Washington of "planning to appease the Iranians, Syrians and Palestinians by paying with 'Israeli currency'."

"We are unwilling to risk our very existence in order for the US to buy itself a quiet withdrawal from Iraq."

Based on "a roadmap plan" brought forward by former US President George W. Bush, the cornerstone of the Middle East peace process is a two-state solution that entails the creation of a Palestinian state.

During a peace conference held in the US in 2006, acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed to implement the plan and reach a comprehensive agreement by the end of 2008.

Press TV

Secret Illuminati Meetings Taking Place?

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House disclosed Monday that President Barack Obama met former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev last week, as the United States and Russia intensify efforts to "reset" strained relations.

Gorbachev was at a White House meeting with Vice President Joe Biden on Friday when Obama informally dropped by, his spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

The announcement comes just over a week before the US president meets Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in London.

"The president tends to roam around the larger house and sometimes walks into meetings that weren't previously on his schedule," Gibbs said, when asked why the meeting had not been made public before.

[Sure. I'm sure it's exactly like that. - Ed.]

Read more @ AFP

Obama: 'I don't support a global currency'

food fight? - Ed.

Australian PM voices support for the dollar, says new currency not on G20's agenda

During a live, prime-time press conference at which reporters focused almost exclusively on economic matters, President Barack Obama gave his first public opposition to Russia and China's proposal of a world currency to supplant the dollar.

Read more @ Pimpin Turtle

Surprise surprise. Dodd's wife linked to offshore AIG controlled company. LINK FIXED

See Global Analysis for more information. The primary motivation of the bailouts is to keep these financial companies out of bankruptcy and away from the prying eyes of bankruptcy trustees, who would expose hundreds and hundreds of things just like this. - Ed.

No wonder Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn) went wobbly last week when asked about his February amendment ratifying hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to executives at insurance giant AIG. Dodd has been one of the company's favorite recipients of campaign contributions. But it turns out that Senator Dodd's wife has also benefited from past connections to AIG as well.

Read more @ RealClearPolitics

Is the floating dollar sunk?

LAST YEAR'S ELECTION was something completely new for 40-year-olds: for the first time since they were able to vote, they wouldn't be choosing either a Bush or a Clinton. And if Hillary had won the Democratic nomination, Americans in their fifth decade would see one of those names on the presidential ballot for the sixth straight time.

Read more @ Barron's

Goldman Sachs in a hurry to repay TARP funds

By Jonathan Stempel - Analysis

NEW YORK (Reuters) - News that Goldman Sachs Group Inc might quickly pay back taxpayer money could pressure able rivals to do the same.

The Treasury Department's $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program was intended to provide lenders with more capital to spur lending and improve the economy.

Read more @ Reuters

Geithner, Bernanke seek to plug gaps in finance rules

March 25 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration is preparing an overhaul of U.S. banking rules that would force financial companies to keep more cash on hand in case their trading bets go wrong.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told lawmakers yesterday that changes will include “strong oversight, including appropriate constraints on risk-taking.” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the case of American International Group Inc. showed the “intense problem” of trading with insufficient capital to guard against losses.

Read more @ Bloomberg

Czech collapse no threat to EU

Gee whiz, when Sarkozy was president of the EU, we heard about him and the EU 24x7. Now that Vaclav Klaus is president of the EU, you hardly hear a thing. Do you think that's because he's not an Illuminati insider? - Ed.

The Czech PM says the collapse of his government will have "no impact" on the country's presidency of the EU.

Mirek Topolanek's centre-right coalition lost a no-confidence motion in parliament on Tuesday by one vote.

The government is half-way through its six-month term in the rotating presidency of the EU.

Attempts to form a new coalition are likely to precede any elections, but the Czechs will remain at the helm of EU affairs until June regardless.

Read more @ BBC News

Mother given parking ticket for "reviving her severely disabled son"

Penny Batkin, 40, says that Richmond Council has refused to back down over the fine despite receiving a letter of explanation from her, supported by her GP.

She says she was taking her son, Freddie, 4, to the Shooting Star children's hospice in Hampton when he began gasping for breath and turning blue.

Mrs Batkin, who has three children, was unaware that she had been captured by traffic wardens who were patrolling the area in a CCTV camera car.

Mrs Batkin, from Hampton Wick, near Richmond, south-west London, said her son is unable to walk or talk and has frequent seizures. "I was so furious when I got the letter. I could hear him gasping in the back seat. My immediate reaction was to pull over and deal with him. I had to release him from the rear passenger seat and resuscitate him. I was away from the busy traffic on a wide pavement and would not have restricted anyone walking past."

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Story: Wheels coming off WH Corruption Engine


Tuesday 24 March 2009 03:00







Etc. etc. Read the report @ Global Analysis

China calls for new reserve currency

From the same rag that printed the breathless "it's time for a new world order" piece a month or two ago. - Ed.

China’s central bank on Monday proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

In an essay posted on the People’s Bank of China’s website, Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank’s governor, said the goal would be to create a reserve currency “that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies”.

Read more @ Financial Times

Magna Cum Lousy - Where Today's Bad CEOs Went to School

No big surprise: Most of the bankers, politicians and regulators who got us into this mess went to a handful of elite universities and business schools.

These schools obviously helped frame their philosophies, while providing the networking opportunities needed to climb the highest rungs of the corporate and political ladders. It turns out, of course, that those ladders were planted in mud, rather than solid earth. Whoops.

Read more @ The Business Insider

Commander confirms Netanyahu's war plans

Israel is preparing for all-out war on multiple fronts that include Iran, Syria and Lebanon, a senior military commander claims.

Israeli army Home Front Command Major General Yair Golan said Sunday that Tel Aviv is preparing for "all possible scenarios", indicating that one such scenario would be to fight a simultaneous war against Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Read more @ Press TV

Israel coalition deal reached, says Labor official

-- Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and Labor Party leader Ehud Barak have reached an understanding for a coalition deal between the parties, a Labor official told Israeli Army Radio on Tuesday.

Read more @ CNN

In NY synagogue, Israeli settler leader calls for assassination of Abbas, and tax-deductible contributions

Charmed, I'm sure! - Ed.

Exclusive report from Mondoweiss: In a speech at a New York synagogue Wednesday night, Nadia Matar, a leader of the Israeli settlers' group "Women in Green," called for the assassination of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, as a way of bringing peace to Israel.

Read more @ Mondoweiss

French officials to seize Ruth Madoff's chateau

French officials are gearing up to seize Ruth Madoff's chateau in France, something a special U.S. trustee said shows the urgent need for his office to quickly take control of her swindler husband's businesses.

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Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse Report Strong Start

Deutsche Bank is at the CENTER of the NWO criminal enterprise. - Ed.

March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Deutsche Bank AG and Credit Suisse Group AG, two of Europe’s biggest banks, said 2009 started well after they posted losses last year and cut the compensation of their chief executive officers by about 90 percent.

Read more @ Bloomberg

Geithner to go in front of Senate to face "tough" questions. Sure.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will face tough questions from lawmakers on Tuesday as he spells out the basics of the Obama administration's plans to reshape financial regulation at a high-profile congressional hearing.

Read more @ Reuters

Senate will delay action on punitive tax on bonuses

Oh, they're so concerned about their buddies. Isn't that sweet? Don't you wish they cared about all of us as much as they care about their rich friends? - Ed.

Jarred by a cool reception from the White House and fears of unintended consequences across the financial world, Senate leaders are likely to delay until late next month legislation to punitively tax bonuses at banks and investment firms that receive federal aid.

Read more @ Washington Post

Rockefeller: Internet is "number one national hazard"

TO THE RULING CLASS, he means. - Ed.

According to the great-grandson John D. Rockefeller, nephew of banker David Rockefeller, and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller the internet represents a serious threat to national security. Rockefeller is not alone in this assessment. His belief that the internet is the “number one national hazard” to national security is shared by the former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Obama’s current director Admiral Dennis C. Blair.

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Germany and EU to legalize paedophilia

BERLIN, July 30, 2007( - Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government's Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled "Love, Body and Playing Doctor" by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung - BZgA) are aimed at parents - the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.

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I love the future but they'll be so many ads


They're only stealing money and that's the funny thing. It's the key thing. You see their version of money is magnetically charged positive and negative bytes that can appear or disappear with the strike of a return key. That's not real. It's the definition of Virtual. It's the Matrix. So if you've still got your electronic money in big banks in money markets or certificates of deposit you need to take it out. You need to convert the key-strokes while you can into something tangible even if it's only paper then convert it to something harder. Join a community bank or a credit union while you figure it out.

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SOTT: Entropy, Chaos and Power


It is proving increasingly challenging to write this column as the moment we sit down to analyse and comment on one set of events, five new events occur which add both colour and confusion to the picture. This is Disaster Capitalism, otherwise known as the Shock Doctrine, occurring in real time. We are being deliberately flooded with perpetually morphing variables amidst a sea of information that is at best sketchy and at worst plain lies. Amidst the confusion, the media and politicians pump just one or two "stories" so focusing the public mind exactly where they want it; this week it's AIG bonuses.

Behind the smokescreen of this carefully orchestrated confusion the Managers are executing their plan to the letter. The fact is, the world is managed, it is not micro-managed but it is very clearly macro-managed. It is managed with very clear aims in mind and, at this time in history, with a timetable that needs to be met. There is a destination to which the world is being taken and everything we see around us relates to the passage towards that destination.

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Tarpley: G20 must freeze the derivitaves bubble


The G-20 must remove the crushing mass of derivatives which is now dragging down the world economy. Derivatives must be banned going forward, but this by itself will not be sufficient. The ultimate goal must be to wipe out and neutralize the existing mass of $1.5 quadrillion in notional values of toxic derivative instruments. Some governments may be able simply to decree that derivatives be shredded, deleted, and otherwise liquidated, and they should do so at once. Virtually all governments should be able to use their emergency economic powers to freeze derivatives and set them aside for at least five years or for the duration of the crisis, whichever lasts longer. Legal issues can be settled over the coming decades in the courts. Humanity is in agony, and we must act against derivatives now. Going forward, we must ban the paper pyramids of derivatives in the same way that the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 banned the pyramiding of holding companies.

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Geithner aides worked with AIG for months on bonuses

WASHINGTON -- Since the fall, senior aides to Timothy Geithner have closely dealt with American International Group Inc. on compensation issues including bonuses, both from his time as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and as Treasury secretary.

The extent of their involvement, which wasn't widely known, raises fresh questions about whether Mr. Geithner could have known earlier about AIG's $165 million in bonus payments. When the bonuses sparked a political firestorm last week, Mr. Geithner said he learned about their full scope in early March, just days before they were paid.

Mr. Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be grilled by Congress on Tuesday in a hearing that is likely to focus heavily on AIG. The flap has prompted lawmakers to seek curbs on an array of bonuses, tested the Obama administration and undermined Mr. Geithner's standing as he attempts to implement measures to stabilize the financial system.

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Admin: changes may be needed in 90% tax on AIG bonus

They are bending over backwards to piss you off. Really. - Ed.

White House economic advisers said Sunday that President Obama won't "govern out of anger" despite calls for the heads of AIG executives who received bonuses, and acknowledged that using tax law to get back $165 million in government-funded bonuses may be "a dangerous way to go."

Those officials said the economy will return to better days soon, but suggested the House-backed plan to tax American International Group Inc. executives' bonuses at a 90-percent rate may have to be modified in the Senate.

"I think the president would be concerned that this bill may have some problems in going too far -- the House bill may go too far in terms of some -- some legal issues, constitutional validity, using the tax code to surgically punish a small group," said Vice President Joe Biden's economic adviser Jared Bernstein said on ABC's "This Week." "That may be a dangerous way to go."

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IMF (NWO tool) says clean up banks to tackle dire world crisis

By Jonathan Lynn

GENEVA (Reuters) - The world is in a dire economic crisis, but no recovery is possible until the financial sector is cleaned up, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Monday.

The crisis will push millions into poverty and unemployment, risking social unrest and even war, and urgent action is required, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said.

"Bluntly the situation is dire," he told a meeting on the crisis at the International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency representing unions, employers and governments that studies Labor issues.

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Brown (biggest tool on earth?) warns of enduring AQ threat to UK

Gordon Brown today warned that al-Qaida remains the biggest security threat to the UK, as he revealed that tens of thousands of civilians have been trained to deal with terrorist attacks as part of a new strategy to combat extremists.

Writing in the Observer, the prime minister previewed what he said was a "world-leading" counter-terrorist framework to be published on Tuesday. The immediate threat of terrorist attack justified a "relentless pursuit of terrorists and disruption of their plots".

"We should be under no illusion that the biggest security threat to our country and other countries is the murderous agents of hate that work under the banner of al-Qaida," he said.

[al-Qaida = CIA; CIA = Wall St; Wall St = Zionist bankers; Zionist bankers = "murderous agents of hate that work under the banner of al-Qaida"]

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Obama, Victory Cannot Be Bought


As an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations, Rubin can be expected to carry-on with the elitists’ deceptions. The two primary deceptions in the case of Pakistan are that American government and the corporate types and think tank gurus who represent it are that they are paragons of reason and virtue (their only concerns are for the good of all those involved with the government programs) and that all others who tell uncomfortable truths are spinning “conspiracy theories” (reports that reveal the truths concealed by cover-ups and “official versions” of destabilizing events).

One of the alleged “conspiracy theories” mentioned by Mr. Rubin and Mr. Rashid concern reports that militant groups within Pakistan, like the TTP (Tehreek e-Taliban Pakistan) were created by foreign intelligence agencies like RAW and CIA from murderous elements of the Afghan Northern Alliance to wage war against Pakistan. Another “conspiracy theory” concerns the belief that the CIA secretly supports the Taliban and other militant groups as a means of prolonging the war and establishing permanent American bases to enable control of the region’s resources and to confront China. All available evidence points to exactly these conclusions, making them more probable explanations of the agency’s secret war than mere speculation.

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How a bill really becomes a law


Take what you learned in civics about how a bill becomes a law and just throw it out. The U.S. Senate provided a graduate-level course in real-world lawmaking last week when it took up a six-page bill to preserve Revolutionary War battlefields, deleted every word and passed the 1,248-page Omnibus Public Lands Act in its place.

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The German-Israeli Armaments Cooperation

By Otfried Nassauer. Translated by A.D. Haunl, Tlaxcala*
In the Water, on the Land, and in the Air - The German-Israeli Armaments Cooperation

The Israeli air force bombarded targets in Lebanon. The Israeli army pushed into Lebanese villages and cities that they regarded as Hizbollah strongholds. The Israeli navy blockaded the country at sea. During all these operations, military technology "Made in Germany" was put to use. Reason enough for a sharper look at a particular kind of atonement.

Guenther Hillinger [name altered] had a problem. The veteran engineer of the AEG factory in Wedel had simply found it on the notice board. An internal memorandum instructed him and his colleagues: "Subject: LTDS hardware / production documents: there must be no "AEG" logos on any individual parts (...). In case hardware already exists with AEG logos for the prototypes, this mark must be removed before the equipment is delivered." That was 1986.

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US to aid in rescue of persecuted Yemen Jews


The United States government is taking part in efforts to extricate Jews in Yemen who have been the subject of physical harassment from their Muslim neighbors.

The rescue efforts focus on 300 Jews from the Yemenite town of Rada, north of the capital Sanaa.

The State Department has maintained a weeks-long dialog with Yemenite authorities over the fate of the country's Jewish community. The issue took on more urgency following the murder this past December of a prominent activist in the Jewish community, Moshe Yaish Nahari.

It is unclear if the U.S. involvement in helping facilitate the Jews' exit from Yemen is the result of an initiative by Washington or an appeal from Israel. The operation is the brainchild of the umbrella group United Jewish Communities, which is being aided by other organizations specializing in absorbing and resettling refugees.

The Satmar Hassidic sect in New York is extending special assistance to help the new immigrants put down roots in the United States. Originally, the government intended to provide housing for the immigrants in North Dakota.

Yet, functionaries intervened on behalf of the Satmar movement and convinced the authorities to permit their resettlement in Monsey, New York, a town north of New York City that is known for its large Hassidic population.

Olmert warns of Israel isolation on world stage

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has warned his likely successor Benjamin Netanyahu that he risks isolating Israel on the world stage unless he agrees to the creation of a Palestinian state, media reported on Monday.

"The only choice is between two states for two people or one state for two people," local media quoted him as saying at Sunday's cabinet meeting.

"Those who don't see this are lying to themselves and are risking causing great damage to Israel" including "losing its international support."

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Matan Vilnai calls for new Gaza Invasion

These people are crazy psychopaths, and the world must stop them. - Ed.

Israel's deputy defence minister has called for a new invasion of Gaza and the capture of land close to the border, despite growing domestic and international concern about the conduct of the previous war.

"We need to conquer the areas from which mortar shells are being fired," Matan Vilnai told an Israeli conference on the Gaza war last night. "The mortar shell is the main threat," he said. Most were launched from within four miles (6km) of the border. "We just need to be there," he said.

His comments reflected a wider Israeli frustration with the results of the devastating three-week war. Israeli forces destroyed thousands of homes and buildings and killed more than 1,400 Palestinians but failed to achieve their main goal: to halt the rockets and mortars which are still being fired into southern Israel.

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Netanyahu signs up Shas

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish party Shas has signed an agreement to join the Israeli coalition being put together by Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr Netanyahu has a deadline of 3 April to build his coalition government.

He has already reached a deal with far-right leader Avigdor Lieberman and talks are planned with Labour, headed by Ehud Barak, and other small parties.

He plans to build a broad based team, or failing that a coalition of right-wing and Jewish nationalist parties. [Gee, I wonder which way it will go? - Ed.]

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Taibbi: The Big Takeover

It's over — we're officially, royally fucked. no empire can survive being rendered a permanent laughingstock, which is what happened as of a few weeks ago, when the buffoons who have been running things in this country finally went one step too far. It happened when Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was forced to admit that he was once again going to have to stuff billions of taxpayer dollars into a dying insurance giant called AIG, itself a profound symbol of our national decline — a corporation that got rich insuring the concrete and steel of American industry in the country's heyday, only to destroy itself chasing phantom fortunes at the Wall Street card tables, like a dissolute nobleman gambling away the family estate in the waning days of the British Empire.

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Please, tell us how you *really* feel.

When we read reports about the

nazi atrocities in Eastern Europe during the last

World War, we very often hear the excuse from the soldiers involved that “We were only following orders”…..

This is not necessarily the case with

the atrocities carried out during the recent Israeli blitzkrieg in the Gaza Strip. If you read the following three reports regarding this matter you will see what I mean.



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