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the only question that matters: is it true?

Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


perpetual war. how do we do it? it's easy.

Excerpt from Obama's Pakistan Campaign: Brilliant President Plus Smart Bombs Equals Humanitarian Success:

So think about this: In the last four months, we have continued bombing Pakistan, killing (or at least claiming to have killed) more and more "high-value targets", such as Osama bin Laden's son Sa'ad (who in addition to probably surviving the attack in which he was "killed", may not have had anything to do with terrorism at all, other than being sired by an undercover CIA operative), and Baitullah Mehsud (who in addition to probably surviving the attack in which he was "killed", has likely been the CIA's most powerful weapon in South Asia since Osama bin Laden died in 2001).

We have been able to do all this without killing any additional civilians, and -- even more amazingly -- we have managed to revive 57 innocent people who were dead back in April but who are not dead anymore!

This is the sort of "humanitarian intervention" we were always hoping for but could never achieve -- not under Republican scoundrels such as Bush, Bush and Reagan; not under Democratic scoundrels such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Of all the presidents in the history of our great nation, only Obama The Wonderful has managed to turn America's awesome firepower into a healing force.

Clearly, none of this would be possible without Obama's brilliance. He's the first President we've ever had who has been smart enough to use our wonderful smart bombs to their maximum humanitarian potential.

Similarly, none of it would be possible without our fantastic remote-controlled planes and the computerized bombs they carry. The Wall Street Journal was right! Drones have made war-fighting more humane!

What? You doubt me? Oh, please!! You'd have to be awfully naive to think we could raise scores of people from the dead with conventional weapons!

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Is US aid to Kabul leaking to the Taliban funding the Afghan Insurgency?

There are various sources for the funding of the Taliban. Much has been written about it. Here is a synopsis.

1) Poppy growth keeps the drug lords in power and many of them fund the Taliban and the 38 insurgent groups that are fighting the NATO, ISAF and US forces.

2) There is much discussion, specially in Pakistan of foreign sources for the funding of terror, specially what is being exported to Pakistan. Pakistani authorities blame Delhi for the spate of terror attacks on Pakistani soft targets.

3) American sources typically blame sources from the Middle East, specially Saudi Arabia which is allegedly supporting the Sunnis in Afghanistan.

4) New evidence is now showing up with confirms that US aid meant for the Karzai government is slipping into the hands of the Taliban and the 38 insurgent groups that are fighting the occupation armies in Afghanistan. The US waster $143 Billion Dollars in aid into Afghanistan and has nothing to show for it, except defeat and retreat.


KABUL — It is the open secret no one wants to talk about, the unwelcome truth that most prefer to hide. In Afghanistan, one of the richest sources of Taliban funding is the foreign assistance coming into the country.

Virtually every major project includes a healthy cut for the insurgents. Call it protection money, call it extortion, or, as the Taliban themselves prefer to term it, “spoils of war,” the fact remains that international donors, primarily the United States, are to a large extent financing their own enemy.

“Everyone knows this is going on,” said one U.S. Embassy official, speaking privately.

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grain, drought and systemic risk


An interesting sidelight to this is that Goldman Sachs, the only surviving investment house in the US with a trillion dollars in assets, just became a bank and is expanding their operations in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Goldman growing in Utah.) Many people wonder why they would do that. However, all the cropland in that area is irrigated making that region drought-proof. Also there's not much of a population there to freak out as will happen within 20 miles of the coasts. The way I know about this is that for thirty years I was a grain trader and feed ingredient buyer for several large US agribusinesses whose business it is to know about and follow closely these sorts of things. All of the statistics that prove what I said is correct are freely available on the internet but 99.99% of all people are not interested in where their food comes from or how much of it is out there. Strange since that's the only thing they really need to survive.

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Israeli containment strategy: Gaza misery used to intimidate West Bankers

It's the No Choice thing again... - ed.

Photo: Is that man an Evil Hamas Terrorist smuggling Iranian missiles into Gaza in order to Wipe Israel Off The Map?!?!? Um, no. It's just a harmless little cow. They're smuggling cows.


This wide consensus in the Israeli political sphere leaves no room for proactive action, only for eternal procrastination. [BY DESIGN - ed.] Unless the Palestinians will miraculously “forget” the atrocities committed against them and decide to compromise on all of their rights for which they have fought for many decades, Israeli governments will continue to contend that there is “no partner for peace.” No partner, that is, to accept Israel's unilateral dictates.

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mystery deepens over missing ship

Observers have suggested the ship was hijacked, possibly because of a Russian commercial dispute.

The Maltese-flagged ship, the Arctic Sea, has a 15-strong Russian crew.

Carryingtimber reportedly worth $1.8m (£1.1m), it sailed from Finland and hadbeen scheduled to dock in the Algerian port of Bejaia on 4 August.

The ship was last sighted in the Bay of Biscay on 30 July, according to the Russian media.


MikhailVoitenko, editor of Russia's Sovfracht maritime bulletin, said the shipmay have been boarded because it was carrying a valuable, unknowncargo.

"We have to remember that before loading in Finland thevessel stayed for two weeks in a shipyard in Kaliningrad," he told theRussia Today TV channel.

"It seems some third party didn't wantthis transit to be fulfilled so they made this situation highlysophisticated and very complicated."

But the head of the ship's operator, Nikolai Karpenkov, dismissed speculation that there might be a mystery cargo on board.

Hetold Itar-Tass that the ship had been checked when leaving Kaliningradafter repairs, and in Finland, where he said nothing illegal orsuspicious had been found.

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psychopaths rule our world

Watching Europe's political class squirm after Ireland's No vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum last year, I couldn't help but feel that some of them know something we don't: there is an agenda that must be met. The Irish people could not be threatened into sealing the nEU Deal, yet it's business as usual for the fanatical Eurocrats who are adamant nothing will get in their way. Incessant media hype is portending economic ruin lest Ireland vote 'correctly' at the second time of asking this fall.

It is evident, for those with eyes to see, that political discord between rival criminal cartels is purely for public consumption. Bread and circuses. Policy is not shaped by party politics. Decisions are made by a few: everyone else adjusts or starves. Weapons of financial mass destruction deployed by Central Bankers and Disaster-Capitalists, under the guise of protecting the markets and improving the efficiency of the system, vacuum the wealth of the nations - the work people produce - into ever fewer hands.

While we share a symbiotic reality, mutually bound by rules and conventions, theirs is very different. It shadows ours, feeding off the real economy below by manipulating the supply of money, which private banks control. 'Market crashes' are built into the system. Rules designed to regulate economies and prevent volatility are periodically altered. Hysteria is induced in people through repeated media suggestion forecasting impending doom. In the ensuing panic brought on by shock, windows of opportunity open for the few to recast the rules in their favour, extending and entrenching their vice on the real economy.

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here's one:
a very wealthy public servant

"Lord" Peter Mandelson (he debases this already ridiculous feudalistic title), faces questions about how he has managed to pay off a fraudulently obtained mortgage so quickly.

Mortal human beings in this position might face questions from Her Majesty's Inland Revenue, but not Mandy. Useless questions are being carefully asked in the British press, but these will slowly ebb away in the days ahead as pressure is brought to bear on those asking them, that it might not be in the best interests of them or their publications to continue with this line of inquiry.

Here on the Internet though, free of any such constraint, we can dispel all the mystery and save the controlled media the bother of asking the crucial questions of a serving member of the British politic.

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big big hopes for swine flu

US Govt preparing to feed children in closed schools, "reach people at work"

Cryptogon commentary:

What are the Secretaries of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Education really saying here?

Our agencies are working with the Department of Agriculture to make sure children will have access to healthy meals if their schools close, and with Departments of Commerce and Labor to reach people at work.

This sounds like they’re really going to be whoopin’ it up this Fall. If it’s weasel worded pre-martial law mutterings now, what’s the Wurlitzer going to be spewing in a few months?

I would strongly suggest taking that Fall “sabbatical,” or arranging some kind of work-from-your-remote-cabin-in-the-woods plan, right now.

Via: Yahoo:

Every fall, we deal with new strains of seasonal flu. But this year, we’ll also confront a potentially serious flu virus that first appeared last spring. While scientists won’t know exactly how strong the 2009 H1N1 flu will be until the middle of the flu season, they’re warning it could cause more illness as our kids return to school.

We don’t need to wait to act. In the fight against flu, preparation is more than half the battle — and we need everyone to chip in.

We in the federal government have been aggressively responding to the new H1N1 since April. We’re building on what we learned from the early spring season and from health officials in the southern hemisphere where flu seasons are already underway.

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State of MA takes extra steps to battle swine flu in the fall

Massachusetts health authorities took the unprecedented step yesterday of deputizing dentists, paramedics, and pharmacists to help administer vaccines against both the seasonal flu and the novel swine strain expected to make a return visit in the fall.

In another emergency measure, regulators directed hospitals and clinics to provide vaccine to all their workers and some volunteers, a move designed to keep the medical workforce robust and prevent doctors and nurses from making their patients sick.

The actions illustrated the intensifying sense of urgency as health authorities, hospital administrators, and clinic executives across the nation confront the prospect of providing hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine against not one but two deadly types of flu in the same season.

“It’s a huge burden of work; there’s no doubt about that,’’ said Dr. Jay Butler, director of the swine flu vaccine task force at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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hey, here's an idea, let's make it a game!...that's what the illuminati would do! it's fun for the whole family. - ed.

Battling swine flu in cyberspace

Like many other nations, the Netherlands is battling swine flu on many fronts.

At the forefront of the fight against the pandemic are the ranks of specialised doctors and millions of anti-viral tablets. But it also has one unusual weapon to call on - a videogame designed by experts at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

Dubbed "The Great Flu", the game is based on the threat that the emergence of a new flu virus and its rapid spread across the globe would pose to humanity.

"The game is based on the need to increase public awareness to the threat posed by a pandemic and the measures in place to contain it," said Albert Osterhaus, head of virology at the Erasmus Medical Centre and one of the experts involved in creating the game.

"In no way is it intended to be a substitute for any advice given by the medical authorities," he said. "Its purpose is simply to create another avenue of information."

The game is played online and gives players the unenviable task of containing, as much as they can, the spread of an unknown flu virus.

The more time passes, the more people become infected, more people die and more nations are hit.

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National Guard drill at Maine high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot

PARIS — Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School will be the site of a National Guard riot control drill Thursday morning to prepare in the event of a panic over distribution of serum to treat the swine flu.

The school on Route 26 at the Paris-Norway town line has been designated by state officials as a distribution site for the H1N1 flu vaccine. The drill is to prepare for a worst-case scenario should the serum have to be transported from Augusta and people rush to get it.

On Thursday morning, four or five National Guard Humvees will travel from Augusta to Paris with vials of fake serum. The National Guardsmen will take on the roles of panicked citizens and military police and practice what they would do, such as using tear gas, in the case of a riot.

"This is just a component of moving the stuff from point A to B," said Oxford County Emergency Management Agency Director Scott Parker. The plan will be put into place only if needed, he said.

Plans were developed in April to have vials of serum sent from the federal government to Augusta, Parker said. From Augusta, the supplies will be transported to designated distribution centers.

During the April conference, concerns were raised about a possible out-of-control rush on the serum, Parker said. Because of that concern, Gov. John Baldacci and Gen. John Libby, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, agreed that a plan should be devised to quell such a disturbance.

Local police chiefs have also been involved in the planning, Parker said. In a real event, local police would be in charge of security once the serum arrives in Paris. "We own it. We're in charge of providing security," he said.

As of Aug. 5, the Maine Center for Disease Control said there had been 323 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Maine, of which 176 are Maine residents and the rest out-of-staters diagnosed in Maine. A total of 19 people required hospitalization. Sixty percent of the victims were under the age of 25.

On Tuesday, health authorities reported Maine's first death from the H1N1 virus. Dr. Dora Anne Mills, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control, said a York County man in his 50s was hospitalized for three weeks and died last week of underlying conditions complicated by H1N1.

The drill will take place behind the school and will not affect the day-to-day activities within the school. Access to the school building will be available through the main entrance, Parker said.


big big hopes for swine flu

we know that they know and do nothing to stop it

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) has a list, a long list, a small sample as a matter of fact, of the visitors to the site. Go ahead and click through and see for yourself. The corruption, the lying, the blogging and reporting people do, these things are read by insiders AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED. One thing that cannot be argued is the old Condi Rice classic: "Who could have predicted...???"

Indeed. It has *all* been predicted. It has all been written down. It has all been witnessed, and nothing happened. When you read blogs you don't necessarily realize, but when you have a blog and you look at the traffic stats, you realize very quickly how the government is all over the place lurking. And that is the stuff that they don't even *care* that you know about, that they don't even bother to hide!

It's sickening. - ed.

Fort Detrick, Quantico, DHS and Halliburton --What do they all have in common? They're all monitoring the CLG. By Lori Price 14 Aug 2009 I took a walk through the CLG visitor logs over the past thirty hours and saw numerous .gov, .mil and state visitors in the logs. I compiled some of them. Note: This is only a snapshot! *Many* were missed as I could not possibly take the time to check all them.

Well, I sure hope they enjoyed our Flu 'Oddities' page and explored the CLG 9/11 Exposition Zone! 1 4 94.26 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 17:10 7 133 488.38 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 02:28 1 4 304.68 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 12:05 4 33 153.72 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 12:12 1 19 68.24 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 12:12
u-136-177-101-[redacted] 1 3 11.66 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 12:50 2 38 73.11 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 13:00 9 62 3.66 MB 13 Aug 2009 - 13:22 1 3 25.22 KB 13 Aug 2009 - 13:28

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The Invisible Third World War

"Following decades of intense lobbying by the mind control psychiatrists and psychiatric-medical establishment, the U.S. government made plans to establish mega-agencies, such as HEW (Health, Education and Welfare) and VA (Veterans Administration). It can be no coincidence that through these agencies many of the atrocities of the Invisible War have been committed."


Rational self-reliance and an understanding of how the human mind works are the best protection against IW. Don't look to national governments for help, they're attacking you. Don't look to psychiatry, they're developing weapons to destroy the very seat of liberty -- your mind. Don't rely on authority. Obedience to authority is the first act of submission to suggestibility. Suggestibility is the first step of surrender to mind control. If it isn't true for you it isn't true. Your own integrity is your best hope. Ethical scientists may develop IW countermeasures. Good men may reform governments. But ultimately your own survival depends on yourself. As long as people know this, freedom will survive. The world is what you make it, or what you fail to make it. Freedom is a continuing struggle, won one moment at a time. There are many who would take it from you, but no one who can give it to you.

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sibel edmunds, david krikorian, and the ever growing spying scandal

Via Larissa's at largely, pointing at

(Funny how the internet works).

Bradblog has been doing live blogging (that's live reporting, kids, something that the mainstream media has ceased to be doing except in extreme cases of celebrity gossip).

And it's a bombshell.

Sibel Edmonds (seriously, google her, please) did some talk-talk at the National Whisteblowers Center:

told me [Krikorian -AG] in a brief phone conversation during the break: "Bruce Fein is raising objections to everything," though that's to be expected. She said she's been asked, and has answered, questions on Dan Burton (R-IN), Dennis Hastert (R-IL) (who is now a lobbyist for Turkey), and Stephen Solarz (D-NY), as well as other questions on those high-ranking officials and lobbyists in her "State Secrets Gallery."

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mantiq al-tayr: lobby denial

1. Hey everyone, it is now safe to speak out against the Israeli Lobby again. It’s time to take the kid gloves off and really hammer away at it because, as Gary Wasserman so predictably tells us in Monday’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post, the Lobby doesn’t really exist anyway. So how could there ever be any repercussions? And the beauty of the argument Wasserman makes is that the AIPAC spy scandal proves that the Lobby is a figment of the anti-Semitic imagination of the FBI. Therefore, one can only conclude that to maintain the thesis that the Lobby actually exists in a meaningful way is to believe that the United States didn’t go to the moon, that OJ didn’t do it, that Elvis is still with us, and that Jesus Christ will return at the end of time. I can tell you this, the Lobby sure as hell doesn’t believe in that last one. Many Muslims do, of course, but I digress.

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addicted to war: america's brutal pipe dream in afghanistan

by Chris Floyd

Looks like the "Good War" in Afghanistan is morphing even more directly into the "Drug War" that the U.S. government has been waging all over the world -- and especially against its own people -- for almost 40 years now, with all the attendant aggrandizement of authoritarian powers and degradation of civil liberties and human rights.

As The Times reports, and Pentagon brass confirmed, the "continuity government" of the Obama Administration has drawn up yet another "hit list" of people to be arbitrarily assassinated: 50 "drug lords" allegedly associated with the Taliban. No doubt the many drug lords associated with the American-installed Afghan government -- and those cooperating directly with the Western occupation -- are exempt from this dirty laundry list.

Of course, the runaway cultivation of opium in Afghanistan -- which is now flooding not only the West but also vast swathes of Central Asia with cheap heroin -- is a direct result of the American invasion in 2001: an operation ostensibly designed to capture Osama bin Laden, who somehow curiously slipped away from the Americans' curiously porous encirclement, never to be seen again (except of course for a few curiously timed transmission that seemed, curiously enough, to be geared to the domestic political needs of America's militarist factions). Of course, before the invasion, the Taliban had largely -- if ruthlesssly -- eliminated the cultivation of opium in the areas under its control. But the American military -- and its gung-ho CIA operatives ("We're killing people!" as one CIAer exulted to the Boston Globe) -- instead empowered the Northern Alliance: the Russian-backed conglomerate of warlords and druglords who were freely growing opium in their territories.

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traders brace for september collapse

When everyone is thinking the same thing, it never happens, and what everyone is thinking right now is that when August is over, and we get down to business, this market's going to be in for some hurt.

Folks have been saying it all summer, as bulls make mincemeat of bears without mercy. And now traders are starting to place their bets on the wheels coming off soon.

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sweden, terrorist target or just the mossad having fun? or is that the same thing?

piracy off the coast of sweden?

Russia is using “all means of detection,” including satellites and naval vessels, to find a Maltese-flagged freighter that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean after being attacked in Swedish waters.

The Russian coast guard ship Ladny is leading the search effort, which also involves navy ships located in the Atlantic, the Defense Ministry said on its Web site today. The missing ship, the Arctic Sea, has a crew of 15 Russian sailors.

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mossad in sweden: general gul on pentagon plots

There is a suspicion that Mossad has too much influence in Sweden and that from time to time it gets involved in assassinations of people who could be seen as critics of Israel.

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hamid gul interview with foreign policy journal

In an exclusive interview with Foreign Policy Journal, retired Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul responds to charges that he supports terrorism, discusses 9/11 and ulterior motives for the war on Afghanistan, claims that the U.S., Israel, and India are behind efforts to destabilize Pakistan, and charges the U.S. and its allies with responsibility for the lucrative Afghan drug trade.

Retired Lieutenant General Hamid Gul was the Director General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) from 1987 to 1989, during which time he worked closely with the CIA to provide support for the mujahedeen fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Though once deemed a close ally of the United States, in more recent years his name has been the subject of considerable controversy. He has been outspoken with the claim that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were an “inside job”. He has been called “the most dangerous man in Pakistan”, and the U.S. government has accused him of supporting the Taliban, even recommending him to the United Nations Security Council for inclusion on the list of international terrorists.

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hey let's fluff dick cheney's balls


The two men maintain respectful ties, speaking on the telephone now and then, though aides to both said they were never quite friends. But there is a sting in Cheney's critique, because he views concessions to public sentiment as moral weakness. After years of praising Bush as a man of resolve, Cheney now intimates that the former president turned out to be more like an ordinary politician in the end.

...Despite an ailing heart and reduced mobility, the former vice president at age 68 retains a prodigious capacity for work. He rises early, reads voraciously about history and current events, and acquired a BlackBerry in modest recompense for the loss of daily intelligence briefings. He allows himself some indulgences, Liz Cheney said in an interview. She said her father relishes his new freedom to take a morning drive to Starbucks in a black SUV, toting home the decaffeinated latte on which his doctor and his wife, Lynne, insist. He attends the soccer and softball games of his oldest grandchildren, Kate and Elizabeth, and spends more time than he could as vice president fly fishing near his vacation homes in Wyoming and on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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this is what effective resistance looks like: “They are afraid of us, because we are not afraid of them!”

Something unprecedented is occurring in Honduras. Since the military coup which occurred on June 28th, the people of Honduras have mounted 6 weeks of sustained, massive, non-violent resistance to the violent take-over of their country. Perhaps even more astounding, is that this resistance shows no signs of tapering off. On the contrary, the movement continues to build in momentum and numbers despite violent repression on the part of the military.

Last week, hundreds of thousands of people began walking 10-12 miles per day, from all parts of the country, to converge on the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula on Tuesday, August 11. The columns of people, filling two to three lanes of traffic, camp out in towns along the way at night, picking up more marchers at every stop.

Reminiscent of Ghandi’s great salt marches, the people of Honduras are writing a new chapter in the history of non-violent struggle in Central America.

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why you should avoid taking vaccines


There is a widely held belief that vaccines should not be criticized because the public might refuse to take them. This is valid only if the benefits exceed the known risks of the vaccines. Do Vaccines Actually Prevent Disease? This important question does not appear to have ever been adequately studied. Vaccines are enormously profitable for drug companies and recent legislation in the U.S. has exempted, lawsuits against pharmaceutical firms in the event of adverse reactions to vaccines which are very common. In 1975 Germany stopped requiring pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. Today less than 10 % of German children are vaccinated against pertussis. The number of cases of pertussis has steadily decreased[3] even though far fewer children are receiving pertussis vaccine.

...There is valid reason to think that not only are vaccines worthless in preventing disease they are counterproductive because they injure the immune system permitting cancer, auto-immune diseases and SIDS to cause much disability and death.

...There is no surprise that the incidence of auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, subacute lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, asthma, psoriasis) has risen sharply in this era of multiple vaccine immunization.

...Dr. W.B. Clarke's important observation that cancer was not found in unvaccinated individuals demands an explanation and one now appears forthcoming. All vaccines given over a short period of time to an immature immune system deplete the thymus gland (the primary gland
involved in immune reactions) of irreplaceable immature immune cells. Each of these cells could have multiplied and developed into an army of valuable cells to combat infection and growth of abnormal cells. When these immune cells have been used up, permanent immunity may not appear. The Arthur Research Foundation in Tucson, Arizona estimates that up to 60 % of our immune system may be exhausted [19] by multiple mass vaccines (36 are now required for children). Only 10 % of immune cells are permanently lost when a child is permitted to develop natural immunity from disease. There needs to be grave concern about these immune system injuring vaccinations! Could the persons who approve these mass vaccinations know that they are impairing the health of these children, many of whom are being doomed to requiring much medical care in the future?

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Israel and Colombia

Considering that Columbia was mentioned yesterday by Haaretz (Israel tells nationals to leave Sinai immediately

Other countries subject to travel warnings include Colombia, especially in light of specific information about the potential for attacks on Israelis providing security assistance to the Colombian government.
here's some background on Israel and Columbia. - ed.

Colombia and Israel: Capital’s “Promised Land.”

“Colombia has been selected by the God of Capital to assert his reign.”

It’s not even a secret anymore that “praiseworthy” deep political, commercial and military relationships have been established between the government of Colombia and Israel. Many say, “Relations between brothers, for the same ends.”

What’s certain is that the recent purchases of military equipment (24 Kfir warplanes – copies of the French Mirage) and other types of arms, as well as the training received by officers of the Colombian Army and paramilitary groups from the United Self Defense of Colombia (AUC) in Israel – as mentioned above – exposes the reality that the Colombian people face the same fate as the Palestinians.

To say that Colombia has been “Israelized” is not an exaggeration, even less is it an invention. It’s the sad and painful truth. The reality and history of our [Colombian] brothers backs it up. Let’s take a look.

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US military team in Syria for security talks

DAMASCUS - A senior American military delegation arrived in Syria on Wednesday for talks on regional security, the second such visit in nearly two months, a US diplomatic source said.

Major General Michael Moeller of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) is heading the delegation which also includes Frederic Hof, the deputy to US Middle East special envoy George Mitchell who was in Damascus on July 26.

"The focus is on continuing dialogue concerning opportunities for cooperation on regional security matters," the US source said, without elaborating.

A US military delegation held talks with Syrian officials in Damascus in June -- the first visit of its kind since 2004 -- pro-government media and the American embassy said at the time.

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Israeli Interior Minister: US can't stop settlement expansion (ie: Israel has NO CHOICE)

Here's that little "no choice" thing again... MANIPULATION. - ed.

Touring the sights of planned settlement expansions in the West Bank, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai insisted that the US could not do anything to stop the new construction, and insisted that there is no escape from our crucial security need to continue with this construction.”

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Bibi downplays prospect of Lebanon war

TEL AVIV - Hardline Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu downplayed prospects of a new conflict with Lebanon, a day after warning that the new Lebanese government now being formed would be blamed for any attack from its territory if Hezbollah forms a part of it.

"There are no winds of war with Lebanon," the premier said on television. "This is a media storm that has nothing to do with anything concrete."

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spying and mind control are real. they have the technology. why on earth would anyone think they wouldn't use it?

This ongoing investigative series, the first four installments of which are posted here, brings to the forefront recent revelations on the expansion of the US government's surveillance apparatus and the stolen technology that makes it all possible. On the heels of NSA whistleblower Russell Tice's allegations of a government intelligence community that has crossed the line and trashed the constitution, Ed Encho covers a span of investigations throughout the years that reads like a Tom Clancy suspense thriller. Only it's real.

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also see Monarch One 45 minute video at there are no sunglasses

This is no recession it's a planned demolition

By Mike Whitney
Credit is not flowing. In fact, credit is contracting. That means things aren't getting better; they're getting worse. When credit contracts in a consumer-driven economy, bad things happen. Business investment drops, unemployment soars, earnings plunge, and GDP shrinks. The Fed has spent more than a trillion dollars trying to get consumers to start borrowing again, but without success. The country's credit engines are grinding to a halt.

Bernanke has increased excess reserves in the banking system by $800 billion, but lending is still slow. The banks are hoarding capital in order to deal with the losses from toxic assets, non performing loans, and a $3.5 trillion commercial real estate bubble that's following housing into the toilet. That's why the rate of bank failures is accelerating. 2010 will be even worse; the list is growing. It's a bloodbath.

The basic problem is that consumers are buried beneath a mountain of debt and have no choice except to curtail their spending and begin to save.

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Gen McChrystal wants to talk to the Taliban

In a clear admission of defeat, the General McChrsytal is asking for more troops from President Obama. He will also be presenting another review next month. More than a dozen reviews have already been undertaken. Each one presented a perpetuation of the policies of President Bush. This new McChrsytal is not going to be any different. The American policies have led to the loss of 80% of Afghanistan to the Taliban. The bogus strategic assessments have led to the destabilization of areas in Pakistan and have instrumental in creating huge problems for Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

[big snip]

Most independent analysts will confirm that there is no military solution to Afghanistan. If General McChrsytal wants another 40,000 troops, what evidence can he present that having 100, 000 soldiers will solve the problems in Afghanistan. The Soviets had twice or three times the forces and still could not pacify the country. Neither could the British, the Mongols or the Mecadonians.

The Taliban of Afghanistan have clearly said that they will not join the government unless the US leaves. When will America hear the churhbells of peace?

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'There is no refuge, no place to go to deal with your grief'

In the first ever unauthorised dispatch from an officer on the frontline, one young Captain offers a brutally honest account of life in Afghanistan, revealing the pain of losing comrades, the frustration at the lack of equipment, and the sense that the conflict seems unending and, at times, unwinnable

The author's name has been withheld

My motivation is simple. Writing this helps vent off some of the frustration at what is happening out here in Afghanistan to those serving in the British Army, where death and serious injury are sickeningly common occurrences.

Before coming here, I had done two tours in Iraq which saw fierce fighting against the enemy. But, sometimes out here I feel I might as well be on my first tour, as a novice second lieutenant instead of a so-called senior captain with over eight years experience in the Army, due to a shocking rate of attrition that I have never encountered before.

Commentators keep citing previous figures for casualty rates in the Falkland's conflict, as well as the years in Northern Ireland, suggesting that, spread over the time we have been in Afghanistan, the figures here are not that bad.

How reassuring. For a moment I thought the rates might be quite bad; but thank goodness I have been shown that what we are experiencing is in fact a tolerable "medium" number of casualties.

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Russian FSB services helped Hezbollah bust Israeli spy ring

BEIRUT: Western intelligence sources in the Middle East have disclosed to DEBKAfile that a special unit of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), commissioned by Hizbullah’s special security apparatus earlier this year, was responsible for the massive discovery of alleged Israel spy rings in Lebanon in recent months with the help of “super-efficient” detection systems.

DEBKAfile is an Israeli, Occupied Jerusalem-based English-language open source military intelligence website with commentary and analyses on terrorism, intelligence, security, and military and political affairs in the Middle East.

The sources told DEBKAfile last week that the FSB and Hizbullah have “amassed quantities of undisclosed data” on Israel’s clandestine operations in Lebanon and “are holding it in reserve in order to leak spectacular discoveries as and when it suits their purpose.”

“This disclosure, if borne out, would indicate that the Russian agency, which specializes in counterespionage, is engaged for the first time in anti-Israel activity in the service of an Arab terrorist organization,” DEBKAfile said.

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Lebanon army on alert after reported IDF buildup along border

more false flag "hints" wink wink wink:

Ayalon hinted that the Israel defense establishment believes Hezbollah intends to carry out soon its revenge attack for the death of Imad Mughniyeh, a top commander in the organization, who was killed when his car was blown up in Damascus in early 2008. Hezbollah believes Israel to be responsible for the assassination, a claim that Israel denies. Defense sources said they believe the organization would be especially motivated to carry out an attack to compensate for the embarrassment caused by munitions dump explosion.

According to Defense Ministry warnings, tourists and Israeli representatives abroad are thought to be likely targets. A bomb attack on Israel's embassy in Baku was foiled by Azerbaijani security forces in 2008.

Other comments by Israeli officials, including a senior commander in the Israel Defense Forces' Northern Command, who told The Times of London last week that the northern border "could explode at any minute," appear to indicate that Israel was preparing for a scenario in which a Hezbollah attack against an Israeli target abroad provokes a forceful Israeli reaction and, possibly, a new war.

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Hezbollah vows tougher reaction than 2006 if Israel attacks


"Based on the fact that we are strong today and we have been living on the formula and the victory of the 2006 war, we believe that all of the Israeli threats are hollow and meaningless," Safiyyeddine said.

Safiyyeddine added that all Israeli schemes against the resistance and all the United States' political projects to curb the resistance and take vengeance on it have failed, adding that there is no need to be worried.

Addressing the political players in Lebanon, Safiyyeddine said that the Lebanese must differentiate between their friend and their enemy, and they have to know how to set their political priorities.

Moreover, Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri ruled out any possible attack by the Jewish State on Lebanon this year, saying Israeli threats are part of media and psychological warfare against the country.

Berri told As-Safir newspaper on Monday that he believed Israel would not launch war on Lebanon in 2009, unless an uncalculated dramatic event takes place. [ie: false flag]

He said that the latest threats by Israeli officials, which a repart of media and psychological warfare, did not necessarily pave the way for an aggression anytime soon.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday that Lebanon will be held responsible for attacks from its territory in case that Hezbollah joins the government.

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New nuke report debunks Iran hawks

WASHINGTON - Iran is unlikely to be able to produce enough highly enriched uranium (HEU) for a nuclear weapon until at least 2013, according to a United States government intelligence estimate made public last Thursday.

The US State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) prepared the estimate, which sets a notably later date for Iran's acquisition of a nuclear capability than other claims that have recently circulated in the media. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair submitted it in written testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in February.

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Jerusalem historical disaster in the making

Benyamin Netanyahu has launched an Israeli effort to achieve the earliest possible end to any Palestinian dreams about statehood. Ignoring US White House and other international pressures to cease and desist, settlers are expanding their grip on the most choice lands-and waters-of the West Bank. Meanwhile, an official Israeli scramble is on to foreclose any prospects of a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem. The assaults (some long standing) include refusal to allow Palestinians to enter East Jerusalem, confiscation of property for "state" uses, condemnation and destruction of "illegally built" Palestinian homes, refusal of building permits to Palestinians, and continual harassment of those who refuse to leave. Tearing down the old Shepherd Hotel and building apartments for Jews in its place, while giving Jews permission to live anywhere, are just the latest steps in the gross Israeli process of expelling Palestinians from Jerusalem.

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Sibel Edmonds deposition

Video here

Fiat money created out of thin air: bailouts are unconstitutional

The starting point for all analysis of the ongoing bailout orgy that is currently being used in crony capitalist fashion to transfer wealth from our middle class to the financial elites and their transnational conglomerates is whether these bailouts are authorized by the US Constitution. The answer is a resounding NO!

Nothing in the Constitution could ever be interpreted in any manner that would in any way allow the conversion of our quasi-capitalist republic into a police state, which is the last thing our Founding Fathers had in mind.

How can our government simply hand over fiat money created out of thin air, which in itself totally violates the provisions in our Constitution dealing with the issuance of money, to whoever they deem to be too-big-to-fail? The very idea of such targeted bailouts violates every precept upon which our nation was founded, and our Constitution in no way allows the bailout of any private person or business entity, especially where this creates special privileges to be given to a chosen few "anointed" entities at the expense of our citizens in general. Regulation of interstate commerce does not mean doling out crony capitalist bailouts, which amount to nothing short of the implementation of feudalism under the Puppet Master oligarchs of our Shadow Government. Regulation would mean fining and jailing these criminals and allowing them to fail so better run companies can acquire their assets via liquidation to be supervised by regulators. You reap what you sow in this nation. You do not reap profits for yourself and have everyone else pay for your losses. That is pure poppycock detritus.

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Bankrupt US financial system: the bubble burst and the economy goes into a tailspin

We're making this way too complicated. It's simple really.

The Fed has only one tool at its disposal; to create more money. Typically, the way the Fed adds to the money supply is by lowering interest rates. When the Fed lowers rates below the rate of inflation; they're basically selling dollars for under a buck. That's a good deal, so, naturally, speculators jump on it and trigger a credit expansion. What follows is a frenzy of market activity that ends in a housing, credit, tech or equity bubble. Eventually, the bubble bursts and the economy goes into a tailspin. Then, after a period of digging-out, the process resumes again. Wash, rinse, repeat. It's always the same. The moral is: Cheap money creates bubbles; and bubbles move wealth from workers to rich motherporkers. It's as simple as that. That's why the wealth gap is wider now than anytime since the Gilded Age. The rich own everything.

The Federal Reserve is the policy arm of the big banks and brokerage houses. Period. Ostensibly, its mandate is to maintain "price stability and full employment". Right. Anyone notice how many jobs the Fed has created lately? How about the dollar? Is it really supposed to zig-zag like it has been for the last decade? The central task of the Fed is to shift wealth from one class to another. And it succeeds at that task admirably. The Fed's "mandate" is public relations claptrap. Bernanke hasn't lifted a finger for homeowners, consumers or ordinary working stiffs. "Yer on yer own. Just don't expect a handout. That's socialism!" All the doe is flowing upwards...according to plan. The Fed is a social engineering agency designed to serve as the de facto government behind the smokescreen of democratic institutions. Did you really think a black, two year senator with no background in foreign policy or economics was calling the shots?

Puh-leeese! Obama is a public relations invention who's used to cut ribbons, console the unemployed, and convince Americans they live in a "post racial" society. Right. (Just take a look at the footage from Katrina again) The Fed has complete control over monetary policy and, thus, the country's economic future. Bernanke doesn't even pretend to defer to Congress anymore. Why bother? After Lehman caved in, Bernanke invoked the "unusual and exigent" clause in the Fed's charter and declared himself czar. Now he has absolute power over the nation's purse-strings.

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Taliban is winning in Afghanistan: Gen. McChrystal

While the Pakistan Army has decimated the TTP in Swat, and their leadership is dead or dyeing and embroiled in a fratricidal in-fighting, the US and NATO has seems to be getting deeper and deeper into a Vietnam type of quagmire. The situation in Afghanistan remains grim. The headlines say it all.

  • U.S. commander says Taliban have Afghan momentum (Reuters)
  • Taliban Now Winning (Wall Street Journal)
  • It’s a very aggressive enemy right now,” Gen. McChrystal said in the interview Saturday at his office in a fortified NATO compound in Kabul. “We’ve got to stop their momentum, stop their initiative. It’s hard work.”

There is a clear distinction between the TTP which is now broken up into factions and is on the run and the real Afghan Taliban which is made up of 38 insurgent groups. The warriors led by Omar, Hikmatyar and Haqqani clearly seem to have an upper hand. It is not clear whether General McChrystal is painting a sorry picture to get a massive surge, or whether he wants to get more drones. In ether case, the trends point to more US casualties, already at a record level.

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"I know that you make $10 an hour [LOSER! WE MAKE MUCH MORE THAN THAT! - ed.], but this is not going to make you a promotion, just go home and keep quiet and leave people alone, and don't hurt people, get outta here!"

Climate Change seen as threat to US national security

Hey, I have an idea. How about the military stops changing the climate with HAARP machines?! - ed.

WASHINGTON — The changing global climate will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, military and intelligence analysts say.

Such climate-induced crises could topple governments, feed terrorist movements or destabilize entire regions, say the analysts, experts at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who for the first time [ha!] are taking a serious look at the national security implications of climate change.

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Dr. Ott: the illuminati agenda for the coming new order

Increasingly, it would seem that American society is spiraling into chaos. Financial malfeasance in Government and Big Business has placed millions of Americans into homeless shelters and unemployment lines. In many locales, the housing bubble has burst as values plummet. To many, the news of the "pending" Pandemic of Influenza is just another hinge on the doorway leading to helplessness and hopelessness.
To most Americans, the financial malaise gripping this country is completely unrelated to the world's "Pandemic Flu" ­ but those who feel this way are simply na├»ve and un-informed. The truth is, the world's "Power Elite" have engineered both conditions as part of their computer-driven model for their ultimate centralization of power. Make no mistake, nothing concerning the economic meltdown and the lab-created flu pandemic is "natural" ­ it is completely and totally happening by DESIGN.
Helping them in their quest for unbridled world power and systematic genocide is a new generation of "SUPER-COMPUTERS" utilizing, (if you can wrap your mind around the concept), ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.) The Hollywood movie, "Eagle Eye" is based on science fact ­ it is not fiction in the least. The elitist's level of success in their venture, however, (just as "Eagle Eye" portrays) will depend on a few variables that these "master computers" cannot control nor conclusively predict ­ which is the FREE WILL, INTUITION AND INTELLIGENCE OF THE HUMAN MINDS THEY SEEK TO ENSLAVE. This is, after all, the essence of the Human Soul; when everything else is stripped away ­ this is the creation of God that a machine can never truly replicate.
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vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow, chronic illness, disease and death for us all

By Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

This is a stern, yet humble, warning to all citizens of the globe. It is now proven that we are all being harmed by repeat vaccinations. This evidence must be circulated broadly in light of the imminent Fall, 2009 plan to turn North American schools into MASS vaccine centers to institute triple flu vaccine to us all. Children will be the first to be injected with experimental flu vaccines. The entire vaccine industry, as it turns out, has been experimental. We did not know that we were causing damages – for us all.

In case you are wondering what will happen, the answers are contained in this article. The same thing will happen as has been happening with all vaccines. Clinically silent ischemic brain and body damages will happen. The only difference is that you can now see these damages, with your own eyes, in the here and now, in real time, and in your family photos going back fifty or more years if you have to.

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US strike on Iran 'feasible and credible'

WASHINGTON — A devastating US military strike against Iran's nuclear and military facilities "is a technically feasible and credible option," a retired general asserted in an article published on Friday.

Retired air force general Charles Wald, a former deputy commander of US forces in Europe, said US policy makers must prepare for a "Plan B," including the military's role, should diplomacy fail.

"A peaceful resolution of the threat posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions would certainly be the best possible outcome," Wald wrote in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

"But should diplomacy and economic pressure fail, a US military strike against Iran is a technically feasible and credible option," he said.

Wald's views were in striking contrast with those of the Pentagon's top civilian and military leaders, who have warned repeatedly that military action against Iran would be highly destabilizing.

In a related development, the State Department's intelligence arm has concluded that Iran is unlikely to have the technical capability to produce highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons before 2013, according to a newly released congressional document.

US intelligence chief Dennis Blair has said Iran could have the technical means to produce bomb-grade material as early as 2010, although there is no evidence it has made a political decision to do so.

President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has sought to engage Iran diplomatically, but prospects of a breakthrough have been clouded by political turmoil in Iran over President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's disputed re-election.

"Many policy makers and journalists dismiss the military option on the basis of a false sense of futility," Wald wrote.

"They assume that the US military is already overstretched, that we lack adequate intelligence about the location of covert nuclear sites, and that known sites are too heavily fortified," he said.

"Such assumptions are false," he said.

Wald argued that serious military preparations for a strike could in themselves help persuade Iran to end its nuclear defiance "without firing a single shot."

Pressure could be applied by deploying additional aircraft carrier battle groups and minesweepers to waters off Iran and conducting military exercises with allies, he said.

If that failed, he said, the US Navy could blockade Iran's Gulf ports, cutting off gasoline imports that constitute a third the country's domestic consumption.

"Should these measures not compel Tehran to reverse course on its nuclear program, and only after all other diplomatic avenues and economic pressures have been exhausted, the US military is capable of launching a devastating attack on Iranian nuclear and military facilities," he wrote.

Wald acknowledged there were "huge risks to military action," including that Iranians would rally around "an unstable and oppressive regime" and that reprisals and regional unrest would follow.

"Furthermore, while a successful bombing campaign would set back Iranian nuclear development, Iran would undoubtedly retain its nuclear know how," he said.

"But the risks of military action must be weighed against those of doing nothing," he said.

demonizing Iran also continues unabated

US was "behind the scenes" for Iran protestors

Monday, August 10, 2009
WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that the United States did a lot “behind the scenes” to show support for demonstrators contesting Iran’s disputed presidential election results.

“We did not want to get between the legitimate protests and demonstrations of the Iranian people and the leadership,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN broadcast on Sunday.“And we knew that if we stepped in too soon, too hard... the leadership would try to use us to unify the country against the protestors.”

“Now, behind the scenes, we were doing a lot,” Clinton said. “We were doing a lot to really empower the protestors without getting in the way. And we’re continuing to speak out and support the opposition.”

Clinton was asked about the case of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist detained in Iran since June 21 on allegations he helped orchestrate protests against the election results that saw Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad returned to power.

The top US diplomat said she was “just appalled at the treatment that Mr Bahari and others are receiving.”She described the trial Bahari faces as “a show trial,” saying the process is “a sign of weakness.”

“It demonstrates, I think, better than any of us could ever say, that this Iranian leadership is afraid of their own people, and afraid of the truth and the facts coming out,” Clinton said. The secretary of state reiterated that the United States believes it would be “unacceptable” for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

“If they believe that this would give them a more secure position, a greater capacity to influence events, to intimidate their neighbors, to expand the reach of their ideology, they were mistaken,” she said. “We do not intend to accept nuclear weapons by Iran.”


and next thing you know, as if to prove how right Hillary is about the evil Iranian terrorist regime that is ready to obtain nuclear weapons and wipe Israel off the map any minute now, the Jerusalem Post reports that some of the lawyers who helped the protesters that the US was 'behind the scenes' supporting were gruesomely killed by the evil Iranian regime...

Iran executes seven lawyers who defended protesters (via Pimpin Turtle)

MASHHAD, Iran - Seven lawyers representing young Iranians being held for protesting the recent presidential election have been killed, The Jerusalem Post reported on Friday.

According to anonymous Iranian sources who spoke with the Post by telephone, the killings took place in two cities - Tabriz and Mashhad.

The bodies of five of the lawyers, who were representing many of the young Iranians imprisoned by the government, were delivered to their families in Tabriz earlier in the week.

According to the sources, some family members were sentenced to three-year prison terms for "disrupting security" and "encouraging unethical actions" against the Iranian regime.

Three of the attorneys had been beaten to death, their swollen faces barely recognizable by their families.

The other two lawyers, who were well known in the community, were executed for alleged drug possesion.

"These men did everything they could to help those people who had been wrongfully detained," one source told the Post. "The two more prominent figures were made an example by the regime; hence the drug charges. They were both good Muslims and they were framed by the regime's local authorities," the source said.

In Mashhad, two other lawyers, both of whom had been representing student protestors, were hanged on trumped-up changes of drug trafficking, the sources told the Post.

"Why would lawyers traffic in opium? It doesn't make any sense. The government is targeting lawyers and as a result, many have stopped representing protestors," one source said.

One Tehran-based attorney was able to secure the release of his brother-in-law, who also practices law in Mashhad.

"I was able to get him out," the attorney said, "but I am not proud of how I did so. I am sorry to say that I had to turn over all of my files and cases. In addition, I had to sign an agreement not to take on any further cases [of protesters] in the future," he said.

This attorney said his well-being was a byproduct of his uncle's loyalty to the regime.

"After the revolution in 1979, he gave away most of his money to organizations supported and endorsed by [Ayatollah] Ali Khamenei," he said.

Nonetheless, if he ever agreed in the future to represent any of the protestors, "even I would be out of my uncle's reach. I need to be very careful," he said.

"Just last week, a lawyer friend of mine disappeared. His family does not know his whereabouts. I don't think it is a coincidence that he also represented some of those who were detained during the rallies," he said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs qualified a statement he'd made at a Tuesday press conference.

Gibbs had been asked if the White House considered Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the legitimate president of Iran, to which he responded, "He's the elected leader."

On Wednesday, he told reporters aboard Air Force One that he wanted to "correct a little bit of what I said yesterday. I denoted that Mr. Ahmadinejad was the elected leader of Iran. I would say it's not for me to pass judgement on [that].

"He's been inaugurated, that's a fact. Whether the election was fair, obviously the Iranian people still have questions about that and we'll let them decide that. I would simply say he's been inaugurated and we know that is simply a fact," the White House spokesman said.

"It's not for me or for us to denote his legitimacy, expect to acknowledge the fact," Gibbs concluded.

Israel getting ready to blame everything on Lebanon

( Israel will hold Iranian proxy militia Hizbullah and the state of Lebanon responsible for any attempt to assassinate Israelis abroad, and it will retaliate, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Sunday.

An Egyptian newspaper Saturday reported that three terrorists linked to Al Qaeda were arrested before they carried out a plot to assassinate Israel's ambassador to Cairo, Shalom Cohen. But Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that Hizbulah was "certainly" the group behind the plot. Speaking on Voice of Israel government radio, Ayalon warned: "I have one message here: If, God forbid, one hair falls off the head of any Israeli representative abroad, or of even an Israeli who is not an official representative, tourists, etc., we will consider Hizbullah responsible. "The outcome, for Hizbullah, will, I think, be of the utmost gravity," Ayalon said. "For Lebanon too."

"It is important ... to relay this warning to Lebanon, which is responsible for Hizbullah -- that they will suffer the consequences if they carry out assassinations of Israelis," the minister from the Israel Our Home party added.

Ayalon did not give a direct answer when he was asked how Israel knows that Hizbullah and not Al Qaeda was behind the plot. "I don't want to get into the intelligence or operational issues here,” he said, “but certainly there is both an ideological connection and a professional connection of sorts here."

more here:

also this:

Israel warned on Monday that the Lebanese government as a whole would be blamed for any attack from its territory if Hizbullah is part of the new government.

"If Hizbullah joins the government it will be clear that the Lebanese government will be held responsible for any attack coming from its territory against Israel," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

"The moment they are part of the government, the sovereign Lebanese government is responsible. I hope we will not need such responses," he told journalists during a visit to southern Israel.

There has been an escalating war of words in recent days between Israel and Hizbullah, which fought a 34-day war in 2006 that killed more than 1,200 people, mostly civilians, in Lebanon and 160 Israelis, most of them soldiers.

Lebanese prime-minister designate Saad Hariri has yet to form a government two months after a parliamentary election won by the Western-backed coalition that defeated a Hizbullah-led alliance.(AFP)

and via DEBKAfile, news of mysterious meetings:

DEBKAfile reports the Hamas delegation headed by Dr. Mahmoud a-Zahar exited Gaza through the Rafah crossing Saturday Aug. 8. Egyptian intelligence officers escorted them on their journey to Cairo for urgent consultations on an undisclosed subject. The Hamas leaders may proceed next to Damascus to confer with politburo chief Khaled Meshaal.

Friday, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his security cabinet of six ministers were briefed on Middle East developments at a special session. DEBKAfile's military sources report that an unusually variety of security officials attended the meeting.

They included the chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, military intelligence chief Brig. Amos Yadlin, Mossad director Meir Dagan, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin, OC Southern Command Brig. Yoav Galant and several more senior officers.

somewhere there's a big pile of our money

The estimated population of the United States is 306,704,639
so each citizen's share of this debt is $38,055.75.

As you can see, the largest slice of the pie, over 40%, is owed to the Federal Reserve.
The above numbers are probably the low end of estimates and there's much more debt to come.

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oh and by the way, in addition to the very public way of getting screwed, collectively, by banks, the banks also screw us individually, and in private....

Banks make $38B from overdraft fees

US banks stand to collect a record $38.5bn in fees for customer overdrafts this year, with the bulk of the revenue coming from the most financially stretched consumers amid the deepest recession since the 1930s, according to research. The fees are nearly double those reported in 2000.

The finding is likely to increase public hostility towards the financial sector, which has been under political pressure to ease the burden on consumers by increasing credit availability and lending more fairly after being bailed out by taxpayers.

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The Illuminati online and martial law


The key to understanding is to realize that the first two numbers of an IP address will tell you everything you need to know. Through legitimate Internet Service providers, Hosting services, etc. , you are being watched. In my case, literally harassed to death.

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