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the only question that matters: is it true?

Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


maine governor proclaims civil emergency due to H1N1

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. John Baldacci on Tuesday declared a statewide civil emergency because of the H1N1 influenza virus, paving the way for mass immunization of Maine schoolchildren and other residents.

The emergency designation protects schools and health care providers against liability claims related to their participation in school-based vaccine clinics this fall for both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu. “Maine has been proactive in its response to this new flu,” Baldacci said in announcing the proclamation. “But as the school year begins, we must continue our vigilance, which will require a responsible and aggressive vaccination and public education campaign. It’s our goal that every person in the state has access to vaccines for the seasonal and H1N1 flu.”

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a war is against your immune system

this is similar to my very unscientific back of the napkin "trifecta theory" of may 2009 - ed.

(NaturalNews) Is it a stretch to speculate that the coming swine flu vaccinations will be the actual trigger for the mother of all flu pandemics? Could we have a chain reaction that would be falsely attributed as part of the swine flu pandemic, justifying more forced vaccinations? Using live attenuated viruses from infected monkey and other mammalian organs, in addition to other toxic vaccine ingredients, presents this disturbing possibility.

Many of us are recognizing the dangers of vaccination adjuvants, or additives to preserve and enhance the purported efficacy of a vaccine. They are usually thimerosal (mercury) and squalene, both of which often cause serious damage to those vaccinated. Live viruses in vaccines already have created scenarios where those given the vaccines became carriers of mutating viruses, which became more virulent and infected others. Collateral damage?

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WHO admits to releasing pandemic virus into population via 'mock-up' vaccines

once again, it's all about making things convenient for the authorities and profitable for big pharma... - ed.

The document on the WHO website linked below states that it is common procedure to release pandemic viruses into the population in order to get a jump ahead of the real pandemic, so as to fast track the vaccine for when it is needed.

In Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called "mock-up" vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus.

According to the website, “Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval.”

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clinton "genuinely" outraged this time, as opposed to the standard "fake" outrage i guess

WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is "genuinely offended" by reports of misconduct by private guards working for the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan, a State Department spokesman said Thursday.

Those who engaged in such activities will be dismissed from their posts, spokesman P.J. Crowley said.

Allegations of lewd behavior and sexual misconduct among the private security contractors guarding the embassy surfaced including reports of threats, intimidation and guards and supervisors in various stages of nudity at parties flowing with alcohol.

Clinton "is very displeased that this could have happened and that this could have happened without our knowledge," Crowley said.

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remember when hank paulson gave us the bum's rush to pass the bailout? this is kinda like that.

israel's pro iran war dog and pony show coming soon to a jewish community near you...


The September-October period is seen as crucial by Israel. Dennis Ross and Pres. Obama have each talked about September as the date by which the U.S. would review the success of its diplomatic engagement strategy (which has had no palpable success at all). October is the month in which the General Assembly meets and world leaders (including Ahmadinejad) tell the world their political priorities. There is no question that Israel wants a radical toughening of U.S. policy toward Iran by then. There are already legislative proposals for draconian sanctions which would undermine Obama administration policy. Israel and its domestic agent, Aipac, are certainly behind these measures.

What Israel appears to want is the softening of U.S. opinion towards an Israeli attack on Iran. Hasbara initiatives like the one announced by Yisrael HaYom are part of the perception management campaign here to stiffen the backbone of American Jews and Americans in general against Iran. When you start seeing your Jewish federation or local Israel lobby organization hosting events like this in your local community (or even ones more specifically targeting Iran) you’ll know that this is probably not a locally generated initiative. But rather one dreamed up in Tel Aviv (or the Israeli embassy in D.C. or the consulates in your region) by Israeli diplomats and politicians and implemented here by AIPAC, Stand With Us, The Israel Project, and Middle East Forum.

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former israeli diplomat warns west against giving iran time

Former Israeli diplomat Dore Gold railed against the West's "rising complacency" at the specter of a nuclear Iran Tuesday and warned that any engagement with Teheran should last only a few weeks lest it allow the Islamic Republic to achieve a nuclear breakout.

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JP vocabulary list for this *one* sentence:










for those living under the heel of zionist oppression and terror, every day is apocalypto

Like mob lawyers tasked with getting their criminal clients acquitted (despite the fact they know they’re guilty as hell) all can be rest assured powerful Jewish groups in the US and elsewhere–and particularly those constantly loudmouthing about Jewish persecution–have known from the beginning about the now-infamous organ-trafficking business officially sanctioned by the Israeli government. After all–in addition to spying on and then blackmailing certain targeted individuals–it’s the job of these various groups to know what kind of problems might be lurking out on the horizon possibly impacting their most valued client, meaning the Jewish state. Therefore knowing everything–including the most heinous crimes their client has committed–is a prerequisite of sorts if these groups are to successfully engage in the “great commission” for which they were created, meaning damage control for that great criminal headquarters disguising itself as a viable political entity known as Israel.

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philip giraldi: the best congress APIAC can buy


The August congressional junkets were paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation that is part of AIPAC. The non-profit foundation part means that the trip to convince already acquiescent congressmen that Israel needs more aid and special treatment was more-or-less subsidized by the US taxpayer. Taking congressmen to Israel to make sure they understand the issues properly is not exactly new, but the scale and seniority of the recent visits sent a clear message to President Barack Obama that he should not pressure Israel in any way or he will face bipartisan opposition, opposition that he will not be able to overcome. It appears that Obama might have already received the message loud and clear if the rumors that he will harden his line on Iran and soften his approach to Tel Aviv to permit Israeli settlement expansion are true.

The current Israeli government line as regurgitated by AIPAC is an attempt, aided and abetted by the congressional visitors, to shift the narrative. According to AIPAC and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the settlements have nothing to do with the issue of negotiating peace so Israel should be able to continue to expand its occupation of Arab East Jerusalem without any restraint while permitting "natural growth" in the other West Bank settlements. Israel claims to be willing to talk peace with the Palestinians while decrying that there is no one to talk to. Tel Aviv and its cheerleaders in Washington insist that the real threat to peace in the Middle East is Iran, which is seeking a nuclear weapon and will use it to bomb Israel and arm terrorists to attack the United States.

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trucks carrying nuclear weapons around the country revealed

prequel by cryptogon:

I was nearly killed by U.S. Marines when I worked for FedEx in the 1990s. I was attempting to make a delivery to the part of a Marine Corps Air Station that, I later found out, housed nuclear weapons. Hint: If you’re ever trying to deliver a package on a military base and you see this sign, believe me, they’re not kidding about the, “Use of deadly force” part.

I went around a corner and saw a bunch of sandbags and razor wire. Perhaps four or six marines scrambled around and pulled the charging handles on their M16 rifles. Once locked and loaded, they aimed their weapons at me. As I slammed on the breaks, I thought, “Oh shit, I’m dead.” I particularly remember looking at an unblinking blue eye in a rifle scope that was aimed at my head. The person in charge held his rifle in one hand and a bullhorn in the other.

Seconds passed. The engine idled. They didn’t say anything to me. They just aimed their weapons at my head. I put my hands out the window and yelled, “What do you want me to do?”

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The idea of nuclear weapons being carted around in our highways, cities and neighborhoods doesn't really put one's mind at ease. However, the government has been transporting seriously dangerous stuff like enriched uranium and plutonium secretly without public warning. Friends of the Earth through the Freedom of Information Act has forced the Department Of Energy to release color photos of the trucks used to transport weapons. According to FOE, these are the first of such pictures that have been released in many years.

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why psychologists are infinitely more dangerous than conspiracy theorists

They have helped tyrannical regimes throughout history define suspicion of authorities as a mental illness, just as John Gartner did in his Psychology Today hit piece.

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 3, 2009

According to a Psychology Today hit piece written by psychologist John Gartner, people prone to thinking that powerful men might actually get together and plan to maintain and advance their power are borderline psychotics who are a danger to society. In reality, hundreds of years of history has taught us that psychologists routinely aid authoritarian regimes in enforcing tyrannical and inhumane policies while helping them crush political opposition by defining suspicion of authorities as a mental illness.

As we highlighted in our article yesterday, psychologists in the Soviet Union were used to stifle free speech by classifying skepticism and political opposition to the state as a mental illness, which is precisely the implication littered throughout Gartner’s crass hit piece.

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oh yeah. spin this. but don't forget about the organ trafficking.

By Daniel Schulman
September 1, 2009
Mother Jones
Photos provided by
Project on Government Oversight.

The pictures you are about to see are graphic ~ and may result in you swearing off vodka (and other varieties of hard liquor) permanently. The Project on Government Oversight provided me with a series of photographs ~ a dozen in all ~ that depict the bacchanalian goings on at Camp Sullivan, home to the ArmorGroup personnel who guard the nearby US embassy compound in Kabul.

On Tuesday, POGO sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailing a host of explosive charges relating to ArmorGroup's management of the embassy contract, including evidence of "near-weekly deviant hazing and humiliation of subordinates."

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kirwan: 300 million without a country


They already have all the criminally written permissions to do whatever they like to us - at a moment's notice, with or without Martial Law - All that is preventing them from doing any of it is that they FEAR reprisals. Having the power and the technical authority (illegal though it is) is not the same thing as being able to DO it. That's why the thugs in uniform have been practicing upon the public with their stun guns and their other weapons - to see whether or not the public will accept their total barbarity in the face of the false-flag of terrorism. Their authority for doing what they are doing now - comes from the USA PATRIOT Acts, both one and two - because those two have totally wrecked the constitutional protections for the citizen from their own government. What's preventing them from going further than the current isolated instances is their FEAR of the real "us," that is just waiting for them to finally cross the real lines that individuals have drawn in the concrete of the cities.
They have not dared to set up their bogus "check-points" in populated areas because they'd never be able to leave those posts at the end of their shifts - and that too is a fact which they have not yet been able to rationalize their way out of. If they act before they are certain then they will die in the backlash - and they KNOW that this is as certain as the sun that rises, in the East every morning.
So - there are just far too many question marks for them; Questions for which they have no real answers - and just as no lawyer ever asks a question that he or she does not already know the answer to - they don't DARE to do this until they KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt what will happen if they finally try to push this nightmare any further. The public has so far been reluctant to throw caution to the winds and react to what they keep trying to do to us. That does NOT however mean that this passivity will tolerate much more of their arrogant and illegal oppression. . .
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The most remarkable thing about the above revelations from Michael Mansfield are not that he believes Princess Diana's death was not an accident, but that he believes in concepts like "they" and "hidden hand".

Other well respected and perfectly rational - not to mention hugely well connected and therefore likely to understand the real world in more depth than most - leading characters through the years have appeared to believe in similar concepts, such as JFK, who also spoke of hidden powers, and even the British Queen with her "dark forces" comment, who while unconnected to the fortuitous removal of Diana from the Royal stage, must surely have suspected and even investigated herself what really happened that day.

Clearly Diana was murdered. She was close to a Muslim, probably about to marry and have a child by him, and her sons are heirs to the British throne. Certain people in this world have no intention of allowing Muslims to gain those sort of connections in case it threatens their stranglehold on all meaningful power in this world.

If upsetting the Rothschild vermin and other power players wasn't enough, she was also a cause celeb in the anti land mine campaign, which has dropped from the headlines since her death. She was also prone to touring war zones and highlighting the horrific predicament of amputees and civilians generally caught in war zones.

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more americans having their power shut off

"We see record numbers of households becoming disconnected or in danger of disconnection," says Mark Bixby, energy director of Rockford, Ill. Five years ago, his office distributed federal funds annually to about 300 households that had their power cut off. Last year, it was 1,834 households, and the number is likely to go up this year, he says: "It's families that can't find work."

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and that ship business? it was all russia's fault.

OK so get this...*israel* was responsible for the hijacking and piracy, but it's not bad it's good see, because it was russia's fault for allowing evil weapons to go to it's evil friend countries like syria and iran, which are israel's enemies, so israel had "no choice" but to hijack the ship. you would do the same thing!!!! and look it's working out swell now too, see, because now israel has a bargaining chip to use with russia. and that's how you can tell that russia was behind the whole thing. because israel came out came out looking like the heroes.

no of course that doesn't make any sense. but there was that russian general who said last week that the mystery cargo was "sold by a "weapons mafia" involving top Russian officials but operating outside of the law." that makes a little more sense. maybe the russian weapons mafia of top russian officials includes some russian jews? hmm? oligarchs? something? mebbe? people loyal to israel who wants to start a war with syria lebanon and iran? maybe they were trying to help get that all going by helpfully getting some weapons into place so they could frame it all up and hang some trophies on the walls of their offices? then it all kinda makes more sense i think. but hey, what the fuck do i know. - ed.

Admiral Tarmo Kouts, who heads European Union's piracy watch, tells Time Magazine Israel was most likely responsible for hijacking of Arctic Sea in an attempt to intercept Mideast bound missile delivery

A European source claimed in a recent interview with Time Magazine, that Israel was responsible for the hijacking of Russian cargo ship the Arctic Sea since it was suspected of carrying an arms shipment to the Middle East, Ynet learned Wednesday.

The Arctic Sea went missing in July while en route from Finland to Algeria. Its disappearance sparked reports of a first incident of piracy in European waters in modern times. The Russian Navy has since located the ship, arrested the alleged hijackers and charged them with kidnapping and piracy, but Admiral Tarmo Kouts, the European Union's rapporteur on piracy, now claims the Arctic Sea was intercepted by Israel as it carried a secret cargo of weapons to the Middle East.

Russia has adamantly denied the ship was carrying any kind of military supplies.

Nevertheless, Kouts told Time that only a shipment of missiles could account for Moscow's "bizarre" behavior throughout the month-long saga: "There is the idea that there were missiles aboard, and one can't explain this situation in any other way. As a sailor with years of experience, I can tell you that the official versions are not realistic."


"The most likely explanation is that the Israelis intercepted this cargo, which had been meant for Syria or Iran," said Yulya Latynina, a prominent political commentator and radio host on Echo of Moscow, a station owned by state-controlled gas giant Gazprom.

"They will now use the incident as a bargaining chip with Russia over weapons sales in the region, while allowing Russia to save face by taking its empty ship back home."

According to the report in Time, both the Israeli Prime Minister's office and Mossad, declined comment.

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guess what it is: it's voluntary, strongly recommended, and a patriotic duty

that's right!!! it's the swine flu vaccine!!!! good job kids. - ed.

President Obama called on Americans on Tuesday to take common-sense steps to help contain the expected impact of swine flu, including staying home from work when they are sick, frequently washing their hands, and covering their sneezes with a sleeve instead of a hand.

Obama told reporters in the Rose Garden that the federal government is taking a coordinated approach to fighting the expected outbreak, including ramping up what he says will be a "voluntary but strongly recommended" H1N1 flu vaccination program.

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Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) on Wednesday said it was residents' "patriotic duty" to get seasonal flu shots in coming weeks to make it easier for health officials to determine if outbreaks are related to H1N1, or swine flu.

If residents do not get vaccinated against seasonal strains and later get sickened by them as a result, there will be little way to determine if those falling ill this fall and winter have been infected by less worrisome strains, or by the more contagious H1N1 virus, O'Malley said.

The governor characterized that scenario as serious because it could stress supplies of antiviral treatments and other resources needed to care for swine flu victims, since only those Marylanders sick enough to be hospitalized may undergo tests to confirm the presence of swine flu, state health officials said.

"You'll be doing your patriotic duty to get your seasonal flu shot this year," O'Malley said. If you've never received one, "by golly, this is a very good year to do it for the first time," he said.

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OK, BY GOLLY, DO YOU GET THAT? you should take the vaccine to make it EASIER FOR THE AUTHORITIES to figure out if you have regular flu or swine flu. cause see otherwise they can hardly tell the difference! but if you take the shot, see, they'll be able to tell. there's a lot of logistical problems here, see, with managing the resources to treat the people made sick enough by the swine flu, and, well, it's just really difficult for them to do all this counting and treating and managing. damn. could you please just do your patriotic duty and take the vaccine? please? it will be much easier for all the authorities. and anyway if you don't it's a CRIME, so you might want to think about that too.

thanks kids love ya bye!

food fight in the deli: steve rosen accuses AIPAC of espionage

by Grant Smith

Steven J. Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is now entering a critical phase. A series of cross-filings stakes out the critical court terrain. Rosen intends to show that obtaining and leveraging classified U.S. government information in the service of Israel is common practice at AIPAC. He claims it was unfair for AIPAC to fire and malign him in the press after he was indicted on espionage charges in 2005. AIPAC’s defense team is committed to getting the case thrown out on technicalities before it goes to trial early next year.

On March 2, 2009, Rosen filed the civil lawsuit against his former employer, directors, and an outside public relations firm for libel and slander. Rosen, AIPAC’s former foreign policy chief, seeks $5 million in damages from AIPAC, and punitive damages of $500,000 from each former board member, for a total claim of $21 million. AIPAC made statements to the news media Rosen believes were "knowingly false and defamatory and issued in reckless disregard." AIPAC fired Rosen and fellow employee Keith Weissman after they were criminally indicted under the 1917 Espionage Act in 2005. Both were caught up in an FBI sting operation receiving classified information from Department of Defense employee Col. Lawrence Franklin, who pled guilty and turned state’s witness. After years of pretrial maneuvers during which presiding Judge T.S. Ellis steadily raised the standards for conviction, U.S. government prosecutors reluctantly dropped [.pdf] their case in May 2009.

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Dream as Nightmare

By Jeremy Salt - Ankara

In the Guardian recently , Carlo Strenger launched yet another defence of Israel as the democracy in the Middle East. His defence of himself is that he opposes 'many of Israel's policies' and fights the occupation 'day by day' but this is only the occupation of land seized and plundered in 1967 and not the land seized and plundered in 1948. Much of this land was never allocated to the state of Israel in the first place and the sovereignty conferred on Israel gave the Zionists no right to take it from its owners. Had they remained, a different kind of democracy would have developed in Palestine, one in which the indigenous people would have retained control of their land through the ballot box. That was why they had to go.

Nothing less democratic can be imagined than the denial of the right even to live in the land of one’s birth. The Palestinian ‘refugees’ did not ‘emigrate’. They were not fleeing an oppressive political system. They were the majority and they were hounded out of their country because only without them could the ‘democracy’ known as Israel come into existence.

Mr Strenger implies that Palestinian Muslim or Christian citizens of Israel enjoy the same rights as Jewish citizens. Of course they don’t. Free speech and the right to vote are not the sum total of democracy. Institutional and structural racist discrimination against ‘the Arabs’ extends from the top to the bottom of Israeli society. It applies to land use and is reflected in health, welfare and education statistics and municipal grants and services provided to local communities. It is consecrated in the laws of the land and the rulings of the courts.

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is there any doubt that israel is getting ready to strike?

as suraci points out here, the veil (or mask) appears to be dropping:

"The editor of The Jewish Chronicle has accused Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, of not caring about British public opinion after he refused to give any interviews during his visit to London last week.

In a comment piece in the newspaper, Stephen Pollard – though essentially supportive of Mr Netanyahu – concludes of his office: "The truth of it is that for all they moan about coverage of the Middle East, they don't actually care. They don't care if Brits end up thinking they are warmongers. They don't care if they are losing the PR war. And they don't care if those of us who do care are left fuming at their wilful refusal to do anything to help us counter Israel's appalling image."

no they don't care.

they are escalating attacks on the palestinians. they are escalating attacks on iran through the media and their mouthpieces around the world like sarkosy and merkel. they are escalating their attacks on the truth as evidenced by the response to the organ trafficking story.

it's all escalating. where does it end?

IOF fires on medics in violation of geneva convention

September 02, 2009

Mo’tasem Awad, in charge of the International Humanitarian Law department at the Red Crescent stated that Israeli soldiers opened fire at Red Crescent medics while they were trying to approach a wounded child who died of his wounds.

The child, Mohammad Riyadh Nayef, 15, from al Jalazoun refugee camp, was shot and seriously wounded on Tuesday after a round of live ammunition hit him in the chest.

As medics tried to approach the child, the army opened fire at them, and a soldier told one of the medics that "the army does not need anybody’s help, we have an ambulance on its way".

It took the Israeli ambulance nearly 90 minutes to reach the area, and its medics took the child to an Israeli hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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germany and france reiterate iran ultimatum

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Monday for tougher sanctions against Iran, if the country fails enter talks on its nuclear programme ahead of a September deadline. 'We have supported (US) President Obama's outstretched hand to the Iranian leaders, but this hand cannot remain extended indefinitely to leaders who do not respond,' Sarkozy added. Speaking after talks in Berlin, Both leaders said discussions on further sanctions would take place in September, should Iran refuse to cooperate. Merkel said a broad range of sanctions would be applied, in areas including energy supply. Both leaders agreed that it was crucial for the international community to present a joint front. Many states in the West believe Iran is using its nuclear programme to develop weapons, a charge which Tehran denies.


no halt to settlement policy: israeli minister

An Israeli cabinet minister has categorically confirmed that construction and expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in and around Jerusalem (al-Quds) will continue.

Speaking on September 1 at a conference entitled "Preserving Jerusalem and the Golan Heights”, Yossi Peled of the ruling Likud Party repeated what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said during his recent visit to Germany, namely that Jerusalem is the “eternal and united capital of Israel” and that there would be no freeze whatsoever on the construction of settlements.

The minister without portfolio, who is a Belgian immigrant, insisted that the Jews would continue to live and build in and around the city, which was captured from the native Arabs by military force, Israel's Ynet News reported.

Israel recently announced that it would accept a temporary freeze on settlements but that it would never accept a permanent halt to the construction of Jewish settlements on occupied territories, despite the prohibitions of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and worldwide condemnation.

via press tv

Iran nuclear threat 'hyped', El Baradai

WASHINGTON: Mohamed ElBaradei, the outgoing head of the UN atomic watchdog, called the threat from Iran "hyped" and said there was no evidence that the Islamic republic will soon have nuclear weapons.

In an interview released Tuesday, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hit back at critics who accuse the Egyptian of covering up Iran's nuclear ambitions.

"In many ways, I think the threat has been hyped," ElBaradei told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a Chicago-based magazine critical of nuclear weapons. "Yes, there's concern about Iran's future intentions and Iran needs to be more transparent with the IAEA and international community," he said.

"But the idea that we'll wake up tomorrow and Iran will have a nuclear weapon is an idea that isn't supported by the facts as we have seen them so far," he said.

In a report last week, the IAEA said that Iran had slowed production of enriched uranium, which can be used to make a nuclear bomb, and agreed to tighter monitoring of its enrichment plant.

The United States downplayed the report, saying that Iran was still not cooperating fully with the UN inspectors.

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Here are the quarantine documents

via Cryptogon, click through for more:

These PDF files are hosted on the Centers for Disease Control website. I’ve dumped the unformatted text from the documents below.

What and where are the detention quarantine secure facilities???


Department Of Health
__________ County Health Department
By authority of Chapter 381 and 252, Florida Statutes
and Chapter 64D-3, Florida Administrative Code
_____ CHD Order #____________.
Pursuant to the authority vested in this office by Chapter 381, Florida Statutes, and by your refusal to comply with the Orders of the _______ County Health Department, you, __________ _(name)____________ are hereby DETAINED under QUARANTINE in the following secure facility, ___________________________. You are further classified as non-compliant with quarantine because after you were counseled about a communicable disease or unsafe condition that poses a threat to the public health, and methods to minimize the risk to the public and, despite such counseling, you indicated an intent by (words or actions) to expose the public to ________________. All other reasonable means of obtaining your compliance with quarantine have been exhausted; no less restrictive alternative exists.
You shall remain in detention from the date of this Order until (date) or until released from DETENTION QUARANTINE by the undersigned, such determination to be made upon the recommendation of the State Epidemiologist or State Health Officer.
While in DETENTION QUARANTINE, you shall comply with all orders of the detention facility regarding your medical care. You shall cooperate with the detention facility’s access to you and access to your medical records for purposes of delivering or monitoring your medical care.
Other Requirements/Orders:
Reasons For Above:
DONE and ORDERED by the ________ County Health Director/Administrator this ____
day of ___________, 20___.
By order of:
________ County Health Department
_________Area Code & Phone Number
(for quarantine review requests, contact person)
DUTY TO COMPLY: This action is taken under the police power authority of the health department and your cooperation is required by law. Violation of any term of this Order or failure to comply during the life of this Order with the above-stated directives, including any attempt by a person to enter, exit or behave in a manner prohibited by the Order, is a CRIME.
RIGHT TO REVIEW. Upon request to the CHD, this Quarantine Order will be reviewed on an expedited basis. Review can be initiated by a phone call to the telephone number of the official whose name appears on this Order.
RIGHT TO CHALLENGE: This Quarantine Order may be challenged, such as through petition for writ of habeas corpus, Ch. 79, F.S., following the procedures set out in Rule 1.630, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure (extraordinary remedies) or by Petition For Administrative Review, sec. 120.569 et seq., F.S.
If you have concerns or questions regarding this Quarantine Order that you wish to discuss with your attorney please do so by telephone. Do not go to your attorney’s office or break this Quarantine in any way.
Legal Authority: s.381.0011(4),(5),(6) and s.381.0012(5), and s. 252.36(2), F.S.; Rules 64D-3.005 and 64D-3.007, Florida Administrative Code


US hummers enter Pakistan, undercover American soldiers in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Undercover armed Americans are swarming the Pakistani capital in the latest sign that the elected government has allowed Washington to dispatch what is believed to be a large number of American special operations agents and contractual security guards, including the infamous Blackwater private militia.

This comes at a time when whistleblowers within the government and the military are reporting the arrival of a large number of US Marines in Pakistan. Some reports put the figure at 1,000 US soldiers, much of whom are thought to be arriving as part of the massive expansion of the US Embassy and four consulates across the country. While the US embassy continues to deny this, new buildings are under construction to house security teams. The expanded US embassy is supposed to become the largest US embassy in the world.

Above is an exclusive picture taken by a source at the entrance of Port Qasim near Karachi, showing US Hummers being transported out of the facility. According to the source, the shipment was not destined for Afghanistan. The picture was taken on Aug. 19, 2009 and being released here for the first time.

The latest evidence of the growing American military presence in the Pakistani capital is the arrest of four Americans carrying automatic weapons in a part of the Pakistani capital that foreigners seldom visit.

The four were arrested in Sector G-9 of Islamabad in the evening of Saturday, Aug. 29.

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Arctic Sea was carrying illegal arms, says general

A general close to the investigation into the mysterious voyage of the Arctic Sea has told a Russian newspaper that he suspected the ship was carrying a secret cargo of illegal weapons, as many conspiracy theorists have suggested.

The newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, interviewed what it described as a senior general in the Russian Navy who had been close to the investigation. The general said that he knew far more than he could say openly at this stage, but his testimony, if genuine, represents the first concrete information to come out of the investigation, which has been shrouded in mystery.

He said the theory that the ship might have been carrying drugs was excluded from the beginning, but that the investigation had focussed on a possible weapons shipment, in particular S-300 or X-55 missiles bound for Iran, and sold by a "weapons mafia" involving top Russian officials but operating outside of the law.

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Gilad Atzmon: organ donation and theft in contemporary jewish folklore


One may ask why it is that organ trafficking has become a ‘Jewish thing’. How is it that the Jewish state and Jewish people are so involved in such a repugnant and non ethical trade. One answer is probably obvious: it is a good business and there is hardly any competition, not many people are willing to make a living out of the trafficking or the theft of livers and kidneys.

Without being a Marxist, I may try to offer a materialist interpretation of the above. As it happens, some people out there are willing to pay a lot of money to stay amongst the living. At the same time some others are ready to give their body parts just to put bread on their tables. Naturally those two distinct groups of people (the selfish wealthiest and the penniless) have very little in common except biological similarity. They never meet and hardly mix. A broker is needed. A merchant that doesn’t belong to any class whatsoever, a person that is not part of the economic chain of production, a person that is ethically detached, a person that is foreign to humanity as well as humanism. As we learn above the perfect candidates have been found. And they are not alone, their Jewish state is there to facilitate it all. It is there to provide the necessary means in terms of technology and knowledge. The Jewish broker can deal with the rich, he can easily handle the poor, he can do it all as long as there is some money to be made: once a merchant always a merchant whether it is Venice, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, New Jersey or Brooklyn.

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Lockerbie seen as an expression of "strenuous disagreement"

In light of compelling information available on the Internet about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 as well as the destruction of three World Trade Center buildings with micro-thermite during the course of a well-planned Israeli linked false flag operation in 2001, the issue of Zionist false flag terrorism against the American people to achieve militarist aims is now widely understood. Less well known and further in the past the Lavon affair is another documented case of Israel framing Arabs in an attempt to generate Western reaction. The planned attack of the Lavon affair was foiled by Egyptian security, more recent attacks have been outside of Arab jurisdictions. Revelations about the details of these particular acts of terror, notwithstanding subsequent efforts by the US government to cover them up by preventing public inquiries, along with ongoing mass media disinformation regarding the facts, have confirmed a disturbing pattern of control that is leading toward mass revulsion amidst the population.

Recently, newspapers reported that a Libyan, Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, accused of being the “Lockerbie bomber”, was released from imprisonment in Scotland. It is truly remarkable that his incarceration dragged on for so long, for it was already evident during the course of the trial, that no credible evidence linking him to the crime existed. In the meantime, mainstream media in Britain have reported that he was framed, through false testimony and the intentional withholding of exculpatory information by the court. His appeal was likely to be granted, and attention would inevitably have focused on the question of who actually did carry out the bombing. The calculation appears to have been, that one might circumvent such a situation by releasing him on “humanitarian” grounds, in exchange for dropping the appeal. No later than two years ago, it must have become clear to anyone following the case, that al Megrahi would have to be released, because the head of a Swiss company Mebo, Edwin Bollier, admitted, after the statute of limitations for such a crime had expired, that key evidence used in the trial had actually been faked. Also, in June 2007 the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, upon a three year investigation, reported that there may have been a miscarriage of justice.

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rise of mercenary armies menace world

By Sherwood Ross

Stiglitz notes that in 2007 private security guards working for firms like Blackwater and Dyncorp were earning up to $1,222 a day or $445,000 a year. By contrast, an Army sergeant earned $140 to $190 a day in pay and benefits, a total of $51,100 to $69,350 a year.

Since U.S. taxpayers are underwriting private soldiers’ paychecks, where’s the savings? It is money from taxpayer’s pockets that has made these shadow armies great.

The growing use of private armies not only subjects target populations to savage warfare but makes it easier for the White House to subvert domestic public opinion and wage wars.

Americans are less inclined to oppose a war that is being fought by hired foreign mercenaries, even when their own tax dollars are being squandered to fund it.

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the Zionist attack team 911

Here is the clear evidence that Israel, its Mossad, and the broader Jewish mafia planned, orchestrated, covered up, and benefited from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks:

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Jerusalem and the edifice complex, Jabulon and occult theocracy

By David M. Pidcock

The purpose of this article is to show how and why Palestine and the Temple site in Jerusalem were so important in the plans to create a World Super Government run from Jerusalem in an enlarged State of Israel, extending from the Nile in the West; to the Euphrates in the East.

Freemasons of all ranks and degrees have been duped into working towards this goal in the belief that it is sanctioned with divine authority. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the Regus Manuscript and the Halliwell poem at The Grand Lodge of England the original spiritual home of Freemasonry was, until the early part of the 19th century, the Tower of Babel not the Temple at Jerusalem, and its first Grand Master was its builder Nimrod - God’s enemy, and definitely not King Solomon.

The Zionists knew that Christians and Orthdox Jews would never support a movement that held Nimrod and the Tower of Babel in such high regard, so through the age old process which I call Generic Engineering they switched all the names and thus disguised their real intention, which was to expel the true believers in the God of Christ, Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes of Israel by installing the forces of Anti-God and Anti-Christ in their place.

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CFR insider know it all shill explains that Israel will do whatever it wants

By Micah Zenko – Los Angeles Times August 30, 2009
Micah Zenko is a fellow in the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations.

via the truth seeker:

Iran has until late September to respond to the latest international proposal aimed at stopping the Islamic Republic from developing a nuclear weapon. Under the proposal, Iran would suspend its uranium enrichment program in exchange for a U.N. Security Council commitment to forgo a fourth round of economic and diplomatic sanctions.

But if [WHEN] diplomacy fails, the world should be prepared for an Israeli attack on Iran's suspected nuclear weapons facilities. As Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently acknowledged: "The window between a strike on Iran and their getting nuclear weapons is a pretty narrow window."

If Israel attempts such a high-risk and destabilizing strike against Iran, President Obama will probably learn of the operation from CNN rather than the CIA.[CUTE, CIA RUNS CNN]. History shows that although Washington seeks influence over Israel's military operations, Israel would rather explain later than ask for approval in advance of launching preventive or preemptive attacks. Those hoping that the Obama administration will be able to pressure Israel to stand down from attacking Iran as diplomatic efforts drag on are mistaken [YEAH WE KNOW WHO WEARS THE PANTS AROUND HERE THANKS BUDDY].

The current infighting among Iran's leaders also has led some to incorrectly believe that Tehran's nuclear efforts will stall. As Friday's International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran's nuclear programs revealed, throughout the political crises of the last three months, Iran's production rate for centrifuges has remained steady, as has its ability to produce uranium hexafluoride to feed into the centrifuges.

So let's consider four past Israeli military operations relevant to a possible strike against Iran.

In October 1956, Israel, Britain and France launched an ill-fated assault against Egypt to seize control of the Suez Canal. The day before, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles grilled Abba Eban, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., about Israel's military buildup on the border with Egypt, but Eban kept quiet about his country's plans.

In June 1967, Israel initiated the Six-Day War without notice to Washington, despite President Johnson's insistence that Israel maintain the status quo and consult with the U.S. before taking action. Only days before the war began, Johnson notified Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in a personal message: "Israel just must not take preemptive military action and thereby make itself responsible for the initiation of hostilities."

On June 7, 1981, Israeli fighter-bombers destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak shortly before it was to be fueled to develop the capacity to make nuclear weapons-grade plutonium. Again, Washington was not informed in advance. President Reagan "condemned" the attack and "thought that there were other options that might have been considered."

A few days later, Prime Minister Menachem Begin told CBS News: "This attack will be a precedent for every future government in Israel. ... Every future Israeli prime minister will act, in similar circumstances, in the same way."

Begin's prediction proved true on Sept. 6, 2007, when Israeli aircraft destroyed what was believed to be a North Korean-supplied plutonium reactor in Al Kibar, Syria. Four months earlier, Israeli intelligence officials had provided damning evidence to the Bush administration about the reactor, and the Pentagon drew up plans to attack it. Ironically, according to New York Times reporter David Sanger, President Bush ultimately decided the U.S. could not bomb another country for allegedly possessing weapons of mass destruction. An administration official noted that Israel's attack went forward "without a green light from us. None was asked for, none was given."

These episodes demonstrate that if Israel decides that Iranian nuclear weapons are an existential threat, it will be deaf to entreaties from U.S. officials to refrain from using military force. Soon after the operation, Washington will express concern to Tel Aviv publicly and privately. The long-standing U.S.-Israeli relationship will remain as strong as ever with continued close diplomatic, economic, intelligence and military cooperation.

Should Tehran prove unwilling to meet the September deadline and bargain away its growing and latent nuclear weapon capability, we can expect an Israeli attack that does not require U.S. permission, or even a warning.


this kind of thinking strikes the right cord at jewish sites. they seem to really enjoy the idea that obama will learn the news from cnn. ooh. juicy. here's a sample comment:

i think it's the right moment for israel to do the right decision.
if israel attack the nuclear power plants in iran, at the same time, should be attacking hizbollah, and hamas in gaza.

but not an attack like the olmert administration...
i mean a full attack where you send your enemies to stone age.

this must be the line. it will be a message to the whole world.


but there is a problem with what i have said: there must be someone in charge that must have the guts to do it, and take full responsability for that (i think there is no one).

Israel tossing out more accusations but they can't show you the proof sorry it's classified under "LIES"

Despite the publication of a critical report on Iran's nuclear program, senior Israeli diplomatic officials are accusing the International Atomic Energy Agency of "hiding critical information on Iran's nuclear progress," the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.


While Israeli officials would not give details about the information the IAEA was allegedly hiding, "we're talking about information that would be far more incriminating for Iran," the official said.


"Israel expects the international community to take substantive steps soon toward terminating Iran's military nuclear program," the Foreign Ministry's statement added, in a remark apparently addressed to the international gatherings.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government reacted positively to the report's publication.

The report confirmed "that Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful," Iran's envoy to the IAEA Ali Asghar Soltanieh told the Fars news agency on Saturday.

"It shows Iran has continued its cooperation with the agency ... but at the same time will not accept any political pressure to take measures beyond its legal commitments," he said, according to Reuters.

The IAEA acknowledged that Teheran had been producing nuclear fuel at a slower rate and had allowed UN inspectors broader access to its main nuclear complex in the southern city of Natanz.

medical fascism

(NaturalNews) The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the "Pandemic Response Bill" 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone "suspected" of being infected to submit to interrogations, "decontaminations" and vaccines.

It's also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here:

Here's some of the language contained in the bill:

(Violation of 4th Amendment: Illegal search and seizure)

During either type of declared emergency, a local public health authority... may exercise authority... to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises; to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be
decontaminated any building or facility; to destroy any material; to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;

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natural cures, don't take the shot

The Swine/Bird flu causes death among the strongest and most healthy individuals by causing a cytokine storm in the person's normal immune system to overreact and flood the lungs with fluid. The current H1N1 outbreak has had a very low mortality rate, in large part because it doesn't trigger this cytokine storm and also, is a close relative of an older flu strain for which many older individuals already have partial immunity. But if this comes back in the fall, with a deadly mutation ,or from deadly shots it will cause this cytokine storm. that produces these different receptors TNF-a, IL-6, IL-1, IL-8, neuraminidase, & others. The first part of the below protocol will prevent you from getting the swine/bird flu. The second part will inhibit the above receptors that swine/ bird flu need to cause a cytokine storm in the body. If you do get the cytokine storm the Turmeric 95% CURCUMIN combined with the Bioperine® will stop the deadly cytokine storm.

The best medications to have in kit:
(These are adult doses, modify by body weight for children.)
To Prevent the flu:

Colloidal Silver: 30ppm silver ,will help kill the flu dead in it's tracks taken oraly, & nebulised thru the nose & mouth into the lungs 3 times a day.

Vitamin C w/Rose Hips: 1000 mg taken with each meal 3 times a day. and increase slowly to 2000-4000 mg per meal. Your optimal dose is just below the point where your body complains by giving you mild diarrhea. This is called
the "bowel tolerance dose." Such doses are perfectly safe. Be sure to take vitamin C with food that will coat your stomach to prevent stomach upset.

Vitamin D : adults can simply take 4,000 units a day, or less when you go into the sun. Children over 50 pounds need up to 2,000 units a day. Under 50 pounds, about 1,000 units a day. There is no way to know for sure how much you need without a blood test, called a 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. That test should be conducted in the late winter, when your levels are the lowest, and at the beginning of fall, when your levels are the highest.

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Experts say swine flu warnings may be overblown


“During the winter season in the southern hemisphere, several countries have viewed the need for intensive care as the greatest burden on health services,” the report said. “Preparedness measures need to anticipate this increased demand on intensive care units, which could be overwhelmed by a sudden surge in the number of severe cases.”

But infectious disease experts from both inside and outside the government say that the phrasing used by WHO raises some questions — particularly because the existence of such a form of the disease is not a new development.

“WHO is certainly putting the fear of [God] in people with this type of release,” said William Muraskin, a professor of urban studies at Queens College in New York, who is a specialist in international health. “The description by the WHO is similar to lung infections that claimed so many young people during the 1918 pandemic.”

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Hey NY Times, how about the "Palestinian hanging" torture?

It's pretty clear the media strategy in this torture thing is to limit the coverage to the more milquetoast-ee tortures like pouring cold water on guys and making it look like they were trying to be careful about it. This is why newspapers are losing circulation and going under: there's no news. The Internet has emerged the supreme source of information. Why pay for a paper when I can find out a lot more at work surfing DKos every now and then (Ha! Caught you guys! Get back to work!)

Hey New York Times, what about the Palestinian Hanging? You need look no further than Major General Anthony Taguba's definitive report to find out about it. You are hung with your arms behind you often causing dislocation of the arms from the sockets. A tweaked version was to put your feet on an electrified drum through which to deliver shocks. Since Obama will not release the torture photos, this is what it looks like:

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trading spaces: Shalit, Hamas and 11,000 prisoners

Yesterday marked the 23rd birthday of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli Staff Sergeant who has been detained by Palestinian forces for over two years during a cross-border operation, and the internet buzzed with calls for solidarity in bringing him home.

According to Ha’aretz, after a long disagreement over prisoner exchange between the Palestinian Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli regime, the two sides are close to reaching a deal.
In exchange for the Israeli soldier, Hamas has demanded the release of 1,400 Palestinian prisoners, including 450 who are serving long-term sentences – a request rejected by Tel Aviv, which views the Shalit’s freedom as a precondition for reopening all border-crossings into the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Those who are unaware of the magnitude of the prisoner situation in terms of the Palestinian side will swiftly assume that such a demand would classify itself as nonnegotiable and cause for simple revocation from the Jewish state,but unbeknownst to a majority of Westerners the situation in terms of Palestinian prisoners goes far past the 1,400 that Hamas is asking for.

As of August 9th,2009 there are currently over 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons: men,women and yes – children.For their part, the Palestinians hold one Israeli prisoner,Gilad Shalit.

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and this from the first comment:

We are supposed to believe that the tunnel was built on the spur of the Gazans’ decision to capture a Israeli, but when the logistics of building a tunnel of several hundreds of meters length is reflected on, that it be built without the Israelis noticing from drone aircraft the activity at its entrance, and not noticing the large number of workmen coming and going, and not noticing the large quantity of tunnel supports being brought in that would have to be employed to prevent cave ins, and not noticing the prodigious quantities of rock and earth piling up outside the entrance, and not noticing the tip trucks removing the rock and earth and taking it somewhere, we then realise that as his capture could not have been done via tunnel, then his capture could not have happened at all.

The British amateur terror trackers: a case study in dubious politics

Investigations by Spinwatch reveal that a group of freelance terror trackers who promote stories about the threat from violent Islamists have been involved in exaggerating and even fabricating such stories, which they then comment on in the national press and on network television and radio. The group – which has now fallen apart – was centred on freelance spy Glen Jenvey and Conservative Party member Dominic Wightman, who uses the pseudonym ‘Whiteman’.

The barrage of stories from official sources and from terror ‘experts’ suggesting that Britain is under serious and extensive threat from Islamists and that Islam as a religion is particularly prone to extremism has been boosted by some stories that have little basis in fact. These have included:

  • An alleged attempt to plant a story about terrorist grannies planning to blow themselves up in British supermarkets
  • An attempt to suggest – quite falsely – that campaigners against the Israeli attack on Gaza were actually planning to target British Jews
  • The creation of a fake allegedly Islamist website in a bid to entrap suspects.
  • Spying on Tamil activists in the UK.
  • A fraudulent fundraising effort in the 1980s which was claimed to be to aid the African National Congress

The group behind these stories – Vigil – is a convenient label for a number of people who are linked on the one hand to elements of the British far right and on the other to networks of neoconservative ideologues in the US and UK seeking to exploit the genuine threat faced by UK citizens – Muslim and non Muslim alike. In this case behind the anodyne label of ‘terror expert’ there is a story including alleged spying, deception, fraud, assault, and a falling out over money.

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9/11 video: National Security Alert

To whom it concerns, i.e., everyone:

In 2006 Citizen Investigation Team launched an independent investigation into the act of terrorism which took place at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This exhaustive three-year inquest involved multiple trips to the scene of the crime in Arlington, Virginia, close scrutiny of all official and unofficial data related to the event, and, most importantly, first-person interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses, many of which were conducted and filmed in the exact locations from which they witnessed the plane that allegedly struck the building that day.

Be forewarned: Our findings are extraordinarily shocking and frightening. They are also deadly serious, and deserving of your immediate attention. This is not about a conspiracy theory or any theory at all. This is about independent, verifiable evidence which unfortunately happens to conclusively establish as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a false flag "black operation" involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception.

If you are skeptical of (or even incensed by) this statement we do not blame you. We are not asking you to take our word for it, nor do we want you to do that. We want you to view the evidence and see with your own eyes that this is the case. We want you to hear it directly from the eyewitnesses who were there, just as we did.

Please understand that this information is not being brought to your attention simply for educational purposes. It is presented within the context of a “call to action” accompanied by a detailed step-by-step strategy intended to inspire and empower you to do something about it. But first, please familiarize yourself with the evidence by viewing and paying close attention to the 81-minute video presentation, National Security Alert.

Thank you for your concern and thank you for your action.


Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis

Citizen Investigation Team

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Racketeering 101: Bailed out banks threaten systemic collapse if Fed discloses information

by Tyler Durdan

And so the guns come out blazing. The Clearing House Association, another name for all the banks that were bailed out over the past year with the generous contributions from all of you, dear taxpayers, are now threatening with another instance of complete systemic collapse if Bloomberg's lawsuit is allowed to proceed unchallenged, let alone if any of the "Audit The Fed" measures are actually implemented.

As a reminder, The Clearing House Association consists of ABN Amro, Bank Of America, The Bank Of New York, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank and Wells Fargo.

In a declaration filed in the Bloomberg Case (08-CV-9595, Southern District of New York), the banks demonstrate no shame in attempting to perpetuate the status quo with regard to the Federal Reserve and demand that the wool over the eyes of the general population remain firmly planted in perpetuity.

The Clearing House submits this declaration because the Court's Order threatens to impair the ability of our members to access emergency funds through the New York Fed's Discount Window without suffering the severe competitive harm that public disclosure of their identity will cause.

Our members have accessed the New York Fed's Discount Window with the understanding that the Fed will not publicly disclose information about their borrowing, especially their identity. Industry experience, including very recent and searing experience, has shown that negative rumors about a bank's financial condition - even completely unfounded rumors - have caused competitive harm, including bank runs and failures.

Surely transparency would facilitate rumor-mongering to an unprecedented degree. After all rumors spread much easier when everyone knows the true financial condition of banks.

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legal mumbo jumbo

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