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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


dreaming the world awake

by Peter Chamberlain

And that was the way it all ended, during that fateful week in September, 2009, the week when one man, President Barack Obama turned the old order upon its head, giving us the blessed New Order we all share in today, in peace and harmony, no longer shackled to the wheels of war that drove the old solutions to humanity’s problems.

You see, it wasn’t always so. The world never knew real peace until our generation. Before the beginning of the current era, all of mankind’s resources were dedicated to an inhumane struggle for domination. There was no hope, as fear was civilization’s primary organizational factor. Alliances of mutual defense were created, borders were drawn, creating lines to be defended at all costs. People today cannot understand what went down in the past; very few of us are aware of the terrible price that was paid to create communities of men from cave-dwelling proto-humans. A global society that has been estranged to the world of fear can hardly fathom the “Week of Change” that marked the beginning of an era of harmony, that began with one man’s inner turmoil and ended with a decisive determination to create a better future for all mankind.

Between Sunday, the 20th of September and Saturday, the 26th, 2009, all the major actors on the world stage, including many of the bit players, were busily pursuing their only desire, the destruction of the earth for perceived self-advancement. President Obama was meeting with all the world’s leaders, trying to hammer-out a new economic order and hand the Middle East to Israel, while carving-out Africa, Central Asia and South America for the ruling cabal, when…something changed…Obama changed.

Maybe it was the deep vision of innocence he glimpsed in his daughters’ eyes, or a brief window into the potential future, into our time, the era of global harmony, but something within the man changed. I like to think that it was something that was already within him, that was there lying dormant, all along. During that fateful, wondrous week, the President of the United States of America remembered the people and the hope that had once inspired the Nation. He remembered the vision of hope that had often been shared by man and woman alike, as a Nation of simple folks struggled again and again, trying to see that the right thing was done, no matter how great the personal price and sacrifice that might be called for. He saw the great human need that screamed its own painful reality into every unhearing ear. He saw that he alone, was the key to fulfilling the need and fanning the flames of hope into a mighty transforming prairie fire of change, burning at the grass roots, feeding the flames of motivation that he had been helplessly calling for, up until then. The President of the United States took an extremely radical step and reclaimed the power of his office from the deceitful hands of the ruling class.

During the “Week of Change,” Obama was front and center, all over the world stage, fronting for the ruling empire, carrying-on with business as usual, never letting-on to the public or the corporate bosses what he had in mind, or the steps he had, in fact, already taken. Somewhere in the deepest recesses of the Pentagon, steps were taken to eliminate Israeli options for a first-strike on Iran, setting the stage for the peace pacts that soon followed, beginning with a nuclear free Middle East, as the first step to worldwide disarmament. The rogue spy agency, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was secretly harnessed, with all its assets impounded effectively ending the “intelligence-driven” war in Central Asia, giving oversight over the source of America’s continuing aggression to domestic intelligence (FBI). The Federal Reserve Bank was closed, with all of its assets seized, setting the stage for a global economic realignment and equitable settling of debts. With this decision, the US Government was bound by agreement to make good on all of its debts incurred while financing the global war of aggression, this included war reparations.

The world war of American aggression was immediately brought to a close, with all US forces bound by mutual agreement to serve the interests of the host governments, while an orderly withdrawal of American troops was made and all foreign bases turned-over to local authorities. The United States war machine was bound by mutual agreement to rebuild everything that it had been destroyed in its war of global conquest, effectively converting many military assets into construction and transportation equipment, “swords into plowshares.” Economic reparations extended to America’s racial wars, as well, providing massive economic stimulus to its black minority and several Western states to the remnant of the Native American Indian population.

Of course the repercussions for President Obama were many and they were severe, with multiple assassination attempts made upon himself and his family being the most immediate blowback for his bold moves, as well as the unforgettable attempted military coup which took place the following week and several smaller coup attempts in the ensuing months. Were it not for selective loyal government agents that Obama had grown close to in his journey to the Oval Office, and the millions of patriotic loyal Americans who flooded the streets and surrounded the White House at first word of the first attempt on the President’s life, we might not know the blissful existence that all of us now share. Were it not for the few, in support of the brave one, life as we know it would be over. The lucky few who survived the devastation that the ruling elite had planned would not even know what real hope was, any longer. What was potentially one of the darkest days in humanity’s history was converted into an everlasting light. Like flipping a switch, human potential came forth from the darkness that imprisoned it, into the light. Once freed, the good heart of mankind radiates outward, in all directions, filling the void of meaninglessness, pushing-back even further the edges of the stifling darkness that once imprisoned our souls.

Whatever explains it all, I thank God for it everyday, at regular intervals. The more I read from the remaining texts of that dreadful era, the more thankful I become. My research into the events that brought us to this point help me to understand the man behind the myth and the myth behind the man. The more I learn about Barack Obama, the more I realize that he is just a man, a man a lot like myself. He was not compelled to take the bold steps that he did, on the contrary, all the forces in his life, the really powerful ones that elevated him to his high position of service, were all pushing him onto an opposite path, to continue humanity’s destructive course. But there was a Higher Force behind it all, evincing a pattern of hope and opportunity for all, that, until then, could only be glimpsed, but never clearly seen. Lucky for us all, this one man turned-out to have a deeper desire to see through the matrix of despair, to catch sight of something much more.

Thanks to the concern of a single man, humankind, in fact, all the earth’s creatures, evolved just a little bit. Maybe I am reading too much into all of this.

Maybe its all just one man’s dream.

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