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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


Whistleblowers, disappearances, etc.

Apologies for the extensive excerpt from Urban Survival:

How's our rickety time machine working? Well, gosh darn it anyways, here we go again with those predictive linguistics hitting on another major archetype event in the mediastream with the disappearance of South Carolina's governor. First a little background about what we've been looking for in the data.

In the predictive linguistics out of, [link to HPH and this site required if this is quoted elsewhere on the net] we have been waiting since the January 31 ALTA 1109 report for a summer filled with 'disappearance kinds of headlines to start making itself known. With exclusive permission to quote from the report, you'll see that while we hit on the disappearances theme, as usual the way things look in modelspace and the way they turn out in the headlines is somewhat different. Nevertheless, remember this is from late January:

"...we should get the first reports of the phenomena that we have labeled the [disappearances]. These will likely be focused on [mid level minions] of ThePowersThatBe, and also will very likely be reported as though the 'cause' of the [disappearance] is both [known] and [evident] in spite of neither being accurate. The inaccuracy of the [disappearance reports] will be a consistent sub thread within the overarching pattern that will emerge over all of 2009. That the other, linked components of the cluster of temporal markers are emerging now suggests that the [disappearance] meme will begin to emerge within the next 2/two months, though as noted, likely as a series of reports of [murders] and [suicides], within the [middle level, and upper level minion class] of TPTB. There are still accruing values in support of at least 1/one instance of a [very rich person] going [missing] with their entire [crew of bodyguards/entourage]. This incident is not indicated until later in the year, perhaps mid [summer], and will follow a series of [disappearances] which will prompt the [increased visibility of groups of bodyguards] around these [key minions] and TPTB members. Several of these incidents of [disappearances] are forecast to involve [yachts] of some size, and in an early report, a case of the [disappearance] of the people, leaving behind the [boat] will be brought forward. This incident has a lower level of [visibility] at the time it occurs, but the [visibility] grows along during the year with the likelihood of it being brought out into the global mediastream near the Fall equinox, though the indicators are that the actual occurrence will take place near the Spring equinox."

Even earlier, in the opening days of January in the data analysis, there was reference to the 'disappearing' meme:

"The sub set for the [minion class] within ThePowersThatBe entity shows a large growth in the [fear] component supporting sets. The bespoke [fear] language is under the influence of the [duality] meta data layer and is expressing this as the [minion class] is indicated to become [greatly/increasingly] in states of [visible fear] from their [masters/TPTB] as well as increasingly [afraid] of the [populace] in general. These [minions] are indicated to be [reacting] to the [increased pressures] from TPTB which are apparently being [demonstrated] in the [deaths/disappearances] of many [prominent minions]. We note with some irony that this [fear] level within the [servant/minion classes] will be [propelled skyward] over 2009 in large part by the [sudden disappearances] of [highly visible minions] and some of the lower level [ThePowersThatBe] individuals. The irony is that our SpaceGoatFarts entity is indicating that at least some of these [disappearances] will *not* be at the hands of TPTB, and will instead be caused by [unknown/unknowable forces]. The SpaceGoatFarts entity forecast of the [harvest] of [prominent peoples] {ed note: sometimes with both their cadres of bodyguards *and* locations, such as mega yachts} via [inter or trans dimensional forces unknown to humans generally] is now showing, by way of cross links over to TPTB entity, to [greatly accelerate] the [fear state/level/quotient] of the [minion class] to the point that the [disappearances] will [contribute] to the [pressures to speak] that is forecast to bring out a wave of [whistleblowers] from all levels of the [minion classes]. Of course, TPTB 'removing' troublesome [minions] in [visible] ways will provide the base for the bespoke [fear] levels, however the data sets suggest that a very significant, and unplanned [increase] in the [fear] will be the result of the [disappearances] which are not orchestrated by TPTB."

And, since the February 7th publication of ALTA 1109 Part V, we've been eyeing this odd conglomeration of data points in modelspace {disappearances} as something that will come along in late spring and into early summer as something which will be coming around again in the fall:

"Further cross links appearing in the data sets accruing in late Fall are going back to the [disappearances] sub set within the ThePowersThatBe entity with specific points of termination pointing to emergent echoes from late Spring and early Summer. In other words, the events of Spring/Summer of 2009 relative to the [disappearances] meme will repeat in a manifestation of a larger, related meme in late Fall and early Winter of 2009."

Since this early 'taste' of what the archetype impacts would be, there has been some further insight along the way including this from the ALTA 1309 report which came out on March 14th of this year:

"The data sets continue to grow for [disappearances], with an increasing frequency of [reporting] of such over Summer from mid May onward. A number of the [disappearances], are also indicated to be [occurring] in Summer, but will not surface in the [press] or [reports] elsewhere until the [breakout] or [separation] of the [government employees] in November and December of this year. This period in modelspace shows an increase in [whistleblowers] in very late Fall as a temporal echo to the late Summer [whistleblowers] meme."

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