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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


depends on the definition of "significant"

1. WHO: no *SIGNIFICANT* flu mutation found in Ukraine -- "significant" being the key word

The World Health Organization says tests on swine flu samples from Ukraine show no significant mutation of the virus.

WHO had sent an expert team to Ukraine last week after reports of an unusual flu outbreak.

The global body said Tuesday that preliminary genetic sequencing at laboratories in Britain and the United States showed that the virus in Ukraine was similar to that used for production of the pandemic flu vaccine.

The Ukrainian Health Ministry has registered some 1.4 million cases of flu and respiratory illness since the start of the swine flu outbreak.

WHO says most cases are likely swine flu and the infection rate is in line with neighboring countries such as Russia and Poland.

source: taiwan news

2. recombinomics: Ukraine dead increase to 315, still no sequences

November 16, 2009
1,400,999 Influenza/ARI

78,326 Hospitalized

315 Dead

The above totals are from today's report from the Ukraine Ministry of Health. The increase of 16 fatalities was largely in areas with newer infections and now only 1 of the 27 regions, Luhansk, has not reported a death (see map). The largest jump in cases was in Kiev, with an increase of 4,964 cases to 104,154. The climb in patients who have been hospitalized to 78,326 suggests patients are being hospitalized and treated, but the number of deaths continue to increase at a rate of 16-26 per day.

The steady increase in the number of fatalities continues to cause concerns of small genetic changes. WHO has not directly answered questions at news conferences, and the role of single nucleotide changes in the high number of hemorrhagic fatalities remains unclear.

Poland is now also reporting fatalities, although not at the level of Ukraine. However, there have been a significant number of fatalities in Belarus, raising concerns of spread.

Release of the Ukraine sequences is long overdue.

more @ recombinomics

3. Novartis: now you can just take a *half* dose, ok? c'mon. please? we took out the adjuvant : )!!

Pharmaceutical maker Novartis AG said Tuesday a U.S. clinical study suggests that half a dose of its swine flu vaccine may be sufficient to protect people from the virus and could allow many more to be immunized with current supplies.

Clinical trials of around 4,000 individuals have shown that half the current dose of its U.S.-approved vaccine Fluvirin gives immunity to adults, the Swiss drug maker said in a statement.

The company's swine flu vaccine for the U.S. contains no adjuvant, a chemical compound that hasn't been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but which often is used in vaccines sold in other countries to boost the immune system and stretch the vaccine's active ingredient.

Novartis is discussing the findings with the Food and Drug Administration, which is assessing whether the amount of vaccine per dose can be reduced in the United States.

In Europe, Novartis has been using an adjuvant for flu vaccines since 1997. A separate study of more than 33,000 participants showed that the adjuvant is well tolerated, the company said. A single shot containing the adjuvant and half the amount of vaccine used in Fluvirin is enough to protect children between 3 and 8 and adults, according to the study.

Novartis said using the adjuvant in the U.S. could allow the immunization of four times more people with current vaccine supplies.

Shares in Novartis were down 0.6 percent at 54.20 Swiss francs ($53.57).

source: taiwan news

4. Ukraine, WHO and geopolitics of swine flu panic by F. William Engdahl

(Nov. 13, 2009) Latest reports of what is being called a deadly Swine Flu outbreak in Ukraine according to on sight reports appear to be a political concoction by a threatened government to avoid election defeat and possibly declare martial law.

The details indicate how convenient the current WHO "Swine Flu" H1N1 "pandemic" scare is for regimes in trouble.

Worldwide media reports in recent days have painted a picture of Ukraine as being under the Black Plague or worse. One of the most egregious panic-mongers has been Pittsburgh Swine Flu "mapper" Dr Henry Niman who earlier falsely predicted H5N1 Avian Flu would mutate into a deadly human-to-human pandemic. It didn't.

Niman's map of the spread of alleged H1N1 Swine Flu since April has given WHO, the US Government and CNN and major media a convenient graphic to create the image of a new type of "bubonic plague" threatening mankind unless we react with massive doses of untested vaccines from such unscrupulous pharma bigs like GlaxoSmithKline or Novartis or Roche with its dangerous Tamiflu drugs.

read more @ conspiracy planet

5. Ethnic Weapons for Ethnic Cleansing, by Greg Bishop


If we are to believe a recent AP report culled from the Sunday Times (London) it would appear that the Israelis have announced or intentionally leaked a report that its military was considering the development of so-called "ethnic weapons." The info is credited to "unidentified Israeli military and Western intelligence sources" which generally brings up the red flags with regard to authenticity, and more likely, the motive for such leaks. The article ends with a comment from an unnamed source at Britain's "biological defense facility" that pathogens which can kill on the basis of ethnicity are "theoretically possible."

This PR seemingly ignores the fact that this "theoretical possibility" was recognized over 25 years ago, if not before. It was originally brought to the attention of potential customers with the publication of an article in the Military Review of November 1970. This journal for command-level military personnel was published by the US Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The feature, entitled "Ethnic Weapons," authored by Carl A. Larson, outlines the history, desirability, and possibilities of engineered biological pathogens which would affect only those races which historically have no natural defense against certain "enzyme inhibitors." Larson is listed as head of the "Department of Human Genetics at the Institute of Genetics, Lund, Sweden" as well as a licensed physician. The Hippocratic oath was apparently not administered in Sweden when Larson received his accreditation.

Larson explains that many of the chemical activities and functions within the human body are caused by the interactions of enzymes. One of the more significant activities enabled by enzyme chemical reactions are the contraction and relaxation of muscle tissue. If the activities of these enzymes are blocked, the victim will be paralyzed, even to the point of death by asphyxiation. Not coincidentally, the enzyme-blocking action of compounds called organophosphates were discovered in Germany in the 1930s when experimental insecticides killed the people unlucky enough to have used them. This discovery led to the mass production of a substance named "Trilon," later used to impressive effect in the extermination of groups of people the Nazis considered little more than insects. This substance and others of similar makeup became known as "nerve gas." A concentration of 40 milligrams per cubic meter can kill in about 10 minutes. Stronger agents were later developed which can do the job with a single drop on the skin.

read more @ excluded middle

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