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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


they get you coming and going

1. Project Humanbeingsfirst unpacks the Swine Flu psyop

The 'empire' plays to win strategically and can't be derailed by a handful of reactionary truth tellers after the manufactured crises have been affected – for had truth-telling any efficacy, Socrates might have been handed a trophy instead of the Hemlock, and Jesus the kingdom instead of the cross. The key to the success of Hegelian Dialectics over time, is the diabolical Fait Accompli sewn in baby-steps. The impact of the invasion of Iraq upon its peoples cannot be reversed by withdrawing the American troops anymore than the impact of the Pandemic can be reversed by arguing whether the vaccine is good or bad. The Pandemic has already created its intended fait accompli – for, 90% of the masses are not only ready today to take the vaccine but also demanding it. The secretive agenda probably is to inoculate at least 50% of the targeted populations in this generation, priming them for at least two things: microchipping, and staging for long term population reduction/culling through some complex biowarfare protocol. They will surely achieve 70 to 80 percent success towards that goal in this round of the pandemic pandemonium. And this is a conservative estimate. That's pretty damn remarkable social engineering for one baby-step fait accompli. More baby-steps to come. The overarching agenda for world-government and its multi-dimensional goals is long-term, across multiple generations, and hinges on irreversibility of small baby-steps to eventually raise the complete Phoenix of the New Atlantis from the systematically burnt ashes in stages of the old order. Under the guise of this Pandemic look how much has already been achieved: the immense loss of national sovereignty to WHO. Under its level-6 Pandemic alert, WHO now controls the emergency response stratagems in all nations that are signatory to its convention. That's most of the world!

read more @ project humanbeingsfirst

2. WHO announces what to expect next: a second, longer bout of A/H1N1 -- take it from the horse's mouth

Head of the WHO international mission Jukka Pukkila has forecast that Ukraine could face a second, longer wave of the epidemic of A/H1N1 flu.

"We really are facing the virus of A/H1N1 flu… We have overcome the peak of the wave [of the epidemic in Ukraine]… The country should be ready for the fact that we could face a [new] wave of the epidemic that could last for several weeks or even several months," he said a meeting of the WHO mission with Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko in Kyiv on Nov. 9.

At the same time, the WHO representative said "it is extremely hard to foresee the further development of the epidemic in Ukraine, as in other countries of the world." According to Pukkila, the experience obtained by Ukraine during its fight against the epidemic is important for other countries. "This result is important not only for Ukraine but for all other regions too. People of all countries are watching what is taking place in the country. The experience will help them to improve the response [to flu outbreaks] in their own countries," he said.


3. is Ukraine is a test case, which maybe won't go so well, but which everyone will then use to "improve the response in their own countries" ? if so, then what are the Ukrainian officials recommending?

President Yushchenko: carry on don't panic nothing to worry about go about your business

"I am absolutely against bringing the country to a standstill or limiting its functioning", said President Yushchenko in his interview with Channel 5, according to the presidential press office. Victor Yushchenko stressed that he would like the Government to apply adequate measures, rather than PR events. According to the President already in April the World Health Organization warned that the flu spread has started in the world. The President noted that every country has taken measures to prevent epidemics. "To be prepared is the duty of every Government, every doctor", said Victor Yushchenko, adding that in his opinion, Ukraine failed to prepare to the outbreak of flu.


Tymoshenko: don't self medicate go see your doctor the moment you feel sick

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is asking people not to engage in self-medication and to seek medical attention at the first symptoms of a viral infection, Tymoshenko's press office reported.
"We’re ready to respond to the challenges of the epidemic. I want to also note the importance of seeing a doctor immediately and not self-medicating. In that case, the forecasts by the World Health Organization, which are disappointing for all countries, will remain just forecasts for Ukraine," the Prime Minister said following her visit to the Zakarpattia Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital in Uzhhorod. Yulia Tymoshenko also thanked doctors in all the regions of the country for their dedicated work in preventing the spread of the epidemic.

On November 4, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Health, regional governors and city mayors to address the problem of long lines at hospitals. "We need to direct immediate attention to efforts to reduce lines at hospitals and open additional rooms," Yulia Tymoshenko said.


4. Russian intelligence: Georgia may attack South Ossetia again

The situation in the Caucasus can soon get escalated. According to the statement made by Alexander Shlyakhturov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (known for the Russian initials as GRU), there is a possibility that Georgia may attack South Ossetia and Abkhazia again.

“We have information that Georgia still receives military aid from NATO countries, namely, Israel and Ukraine, as it was before the events that took place in August of 2008. NATO member countries, Eastern-European members in particular, supply Georgia with small arms and military equipment. The USA is training Georgian officers in compliance with NATO tactics, Israel is supplying pilotless planes to Georgia, and Ukraine is supplying heavy equipment such as tanks and air defense equipment.”

Shlyakhturov paid special attention to military equipment supplied by Ukraine. He emphasized that it was not the government that supplied Georgia with weapons, although Ukrainian officials knew about the supplies and provided some aid.

Another member of the Russian General Staff whose name was not released said that weapon supplies to Georgia speak about treachery and double-dealing of Ukrainian officials. He added that Ukraine’s high-ranking officials, including President Viktor Yushchenko, publicly speak about their intentions to develop friendship and strategic partnership with Russia while secretly sending heavy weapons and equipment to Georgia.

He concluded that such actions of the Ukrainian government push uncontrollable Georgian regime towards new military actions in the Caucasus. These actions might bring new human losses and cause sharp destabilization in the region.

read more @ pravda

5. are geoengineering initiatives being used to accelerate the pandemic?

Geoengineering strategies, the aerosol spraying of our skies, or what is popularly known as chemtrails, have been witnessed and evidenced by millions around the world. They are also an admitted planetary operation by government and international agencies. There is now some disturbing but compelling evidence which suggests that these same geoengineering initiatives may be accelerating the global pandemic.

SkyWatch Canada reported in September that since early March of 2009, the skies over Ottawa, Canada’s capital city have been littered with chemtrails dispensed by jets that resemble Boeing passenger 747’s.

In late June of 2009, reports from Russian Military Analysts stated that China’s People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) notified both India and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of US operated Ukrainian aircraft over their growing concerns of the United States spreading of “biological agents” throughout our Earth’s atmosphere. Some Chinese officials were warning of an American-European attempt to conduct mass genocide via the spread of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has put the entire global population at risk.

read more @ prevent disease


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