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Iran has signed the NPT. As a signatory to the NPT, Iran may rightfully, legally, use nuclear technology for peaceful energy purposes. Iran has submitted to and passed repeated IAEA inspections. The US intelligence community (NIE) does not consider Iran a nuclear threat. Israel refuses to sign the NPT. Israel has an estimated several hundred undeclared nuclear weapons. Russia and China have warned that an attack on Iran will have global consequences. That's the situation in a nutshell. Where to next, people? Where to?

Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? - Galatians 4:16


things you are probably distracted from paying any attention to

Expansive display: A Chinese man walks under one of the world's largest LED screens (250 meters x 30 meters), showing fish swimming over coins, symbols of wealth and prosperity, at a mall in downtown Beijing on Nov. 9, 2009. The screen cost US$32 million. (UPI Photo/Stephen Shaver)

1. Rumor: GOLD BARS filled with tungsten at major banks -- from mid-October (17th):

“What can I tell you that you don't already know?

They are all scrambling big time since a number of large interests have demanded audits. Independent auditors are NOW descending onto the various vaults to verify, validate and certify.

They can move this as many times in circles as they like to try to fool people.

In an Asian depository they’ve found “Good Delivery” bricks that had been gutted and filled with tungsten.

Soon, there will be xxxx hitting the fan all over place.”

There are two foreign depositories for gold:

1. Bank of England

2. Bank of NY

There is no doubt that the source of the "tungsten" is the Bank of England.

In summary, we have learned that the Bank of England had three types of gold in its foreign depository

1. London Good Deilvery bars

2. Gold of Coin Melt (.90000 gold ) received no doubt from Fort Knox

3. Gold bars filled with Tungsten and not .999 gold.(discovered by Chinese owners of gold at a foreign depository)

I can see gold auditors descending both of our foreign depositories and I can assure you that French authorities are now descending into their vaults beneath the Seine River to conduct assays on every gold brick that they have received in trade with other nations.

etc. read more @ pimpin turtle


2. recent developments in the Saudi jewel case and other events in Russia and Israel

3. November 5th: Thai embassy: Crown Prince is heir

Charn Jullamon, Thai charge d’affaires, Riyadh, in a letter to the editor published in the Arab News:

With reference to Gwynne Dyer’s article, “Thailand crisis is the result of democracy” (Oct. 25), I wish to inform you that some paragraphs and the opinions expressed therein are absolutely untrue and could lead to public misunderstanding.

In this regard, I wish to make the following clarifications:

1. As a constitutional monarchy, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand is above politics.

...2. ....In this connection, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was proclaimed crown prince, or in the other words heir to the throne. There is thus no cause for uncertainty and no warranted basis for speculation.

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4. Thai society in deep agitation over Thaksin affair

But then again, allow me to sum up in a few words what the whole furore over the interview means in a wider context. You may have stubbornly refused the writing on the wall, but current Thailand is clearly on the cusp of a police state and regime of fear. Still has a long way to go though. The Sukhumvit ambiance continues to be civilized, well-developed and incredibly pleasant. Still, the furore reminds me of the falling Soviet Union. People were too scared to say anything. But they wanted to talk. So people developed an own ingenious language to say in the open what couldn’t be said in the open.

...On the one hand you have the government saying parts of the interview warrant seven generations of beheading. You have Thais flooding the website of The Times with patriotic comments swearing allegiance to the Thai nation and crown while cursing Thaksin as power-hungry madman who stops at nothing to satisfy his thirst for money and revenge.

On the other hand you have the people who say that probably for the first time a Thai leader has offered a candid description of Thailand’s inner workings. The interview will be translated into Thai and read all over the kingdom and also broadcast on the thousands of community radio stations.

read more @ absolutely bangkok

4. World Royalty A-Z

When people claim to be above politics, it doesn't mean that they are irrelevant. It means that they are actually above politics. It means that things are happening above politics. Important things. These people have enormous wealth and privacy. They use private banking. Their bloodlines go back into ancient history.

One of the biggest psyops of modern times is how people became convinced that kings and queens and princes were IRRELEVANT because they had no political power, as if political power is the highest achievement. So Wrong.


5. convicts and lawbreakers contest Philippine election

Hong Kong, China — Not only is the Filipino electorate likely to have to choose between “evil and lesser evil” in the country’s general elections next May; as the names of contestants are being announced it appears they might end up choosing from a list of convicts, coup plotters, lawbreakers and human rights violators.

...Among those running for president is a convicted plunderer, while a group of coup plotters are seeking Senate seats and local government positions. Also on the ballot are people who helped engineer and implement martial law during the regime of the late Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos.

read more @ upiasia

6. March 2009: Philippines ranks second to Africa in GOLD PRODUCTION

ZNext Mining Industries, Inc., with OTC.PK Stock Symbols: announces today that ZNXT is getting closer to completing the compliance requirements to obtain the large scale mining permit after 12 months of reorganization. New ZNXT Management sent a new team of expert mining /mechanical engineers and metallurgists to further explore the final documentation needs of Region V Mining Licensing Agency. ZNXT was assigned 100% Interests of the MPSA and Exploration Development on the XYZ Gold Mine that was owned by Pearl Asian Mining. This is a golden opportunity for ZNXT to capitalize on the Philippines’ rich gold and other mineral reserves that have been untapped since 1991.

Worldwide, the Philippines had been an important gold producer, ranking 29th in 2002. In 1988, the country placed second to South Africa in terms of gold production per unit land area. Total production from 1946-2003 amounted to 1,172,912 kg gold valued at about PHP 225 billion (about $4,787,234.00) according to the Data from Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Mineral News Service.

read more @ mining exploration news

7. July 2009: Medusa doubles Philippines mine gold reserve

JOHANNESBURG ( – ASX-listed gold producer Medusa Mining, though its Philippines operating company, Philsaga Mining Corporation, has completed a Joint Ore Reserve Committee compliant ore reserve estimation for the Co-O mine. Thee probable reserve now stood at 1,04-million tons, at 14,9 g/t gold, containing 500 000 oz of gold.

This represented an increase of 101% over the 251 000 oz over the probable reserve of 249 000 oz at 18,8 g/t gold, announced in August last year. Mine depletion since the 2008 estimate was excluded from the new estimate. Medusa said in a statement that this ore reserve would allow for an estimated five years life of mine, at a production rate of 100 000 oz a year.

read more @ mining weekly

8. January 2008: Xstrata copper and gold mining project in the Philippines US $2b

Global mining group Xstrata, which has coal and alloys operations in South Africa, on Wednesday confirmed that its US$2bn Tampakan copper and gold mining project in the Philippines had been raided and two buildings had been torched.

Communist rebels representing the New People’s Army claimed responsibility for the raid, saying its singular objective was “punishing the giant Swiss mining firm for land grabbing, plunder and environmental destruction”.

The Tampakan copper and gold mining project, the country’s largest mining project, is 62.5% owned by Xstrata and 34% held by Australia’s Indophil Resources, and the attack is seen as a setback to Philippines’ long-held hopes of reviving its mining industry. Other mining majors that are interested in the Philippines are Anglo American (AGL) and BHP Billiton (BIL) while the Phelps Dodge Corporation is another bid player.

read more @ mining exploration news

9. Yamashita's gold - legend or not? here's the start of wikipedia page, you can do more research here. i have a very low opinion of "experts," who naturally dispute the existence of this gold.

Yamashita's gold, also referred to as the Yamashita treasure, is the name given to the alleged loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels and underground complexes in the Philippines. It is named for the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita, nicknamed "The Tiger of Malaya". Though accounts that the treasure remains hidden in Philippines have lured treasure hunters from around the world for over fifty years, its existence is disputed by most experts.[1][2] The rumored treasure has been the subject of a complex lawsuit that was filed in a Hawaiian state court in 1988 involving Philippine treasure hunter, Rogelio Roxas, and former Philippines president, Ferdinand Marcos.[3]

10. and who shows up all of a sudden in the Philippines???? HILARY CLINTON. November 11th. In a dispute involving the CATHOLIC CHURCH and some MUSLIM REBELS.

you have to ask yourself, with everything going on in the world, how does this seemingly local dispute rise to the top of Hilary Clinton's priority list?

MANILA - A war of words between the Philippine government and a separatist Muslim rebel group over the kidnapping of an Irish missionary threatens to derail the lobbying efforts of the United States to bring the two sides back to peace negotiations.

The renewed animosity has flared up ahead of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's scheduled arrival in Manila on Thursday for a two-day visit to press Manila and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to resume their stalled peace talks. Clinton, who will later proceed to Singapore for an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, is expected to reiterate Washington's long-standing offer to help push the talks to restore peace and normalcy in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

...The possibility of resuming negotiations also appears dim after Manila accused the MILF of involvement in the October 11 abduction of an Irish priest, Michael Sinnot. The 79-year-old Sinnot was seized by armed men in Pagadian city, 1,000 kilometers south of Manila, and reportedly brought to MILF-controlled areas in the predominantly Muslim province of Lanao del Sur.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno said the MILF was responsible for the Catholic priest's abduction and that the government would not entertain the kidnappers' demand for a US$12 million ransom in exchange for the prelate's freedom.

...Despite the row over Sinnot's kidnapping, senior US Embassy officials in Manila have held clandestine meetings with MILF leaders in their Maguindanao camp. The US Embassy has kept mum on the meetings, but on its website, the MILF confirmed in a statement that it had held talks with a visiting group of American diplomats led by the US Embassy charge d'affaires, Leslie Basset, on October 16. [see item 1. coincidence? ]

read more @ asia times

11. also, Maldives faces up to extremism -- Wahabbi-style Islam (ie: from Saudi Arabia) suddenly a big problem in this island nation. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

BANGALORE - The Maldives, which is at the forefront of a campaign to get the international community to act on a looming global warming crisis, has a more immediate problem on hand. A rising tide of religious extremism is driving this tropical paradise of a low-lying string of islands down the road to a new conservatism.

What is more, the spread of militant Islam in the country and the appeal of a radical strain of Islam are drawing Maldivian youth into global jihadi groups. "Hundreds of Maldivians" have been recruited by the Taliban and are fighting in Pakistan, Maldivian President Mohammed Nasheed told the CNN-IBN news channel during his recent visit to India.

...A puritanical version of Islam has taken root. Signs of conservatism are more evident on the streets of the capital, Male, today than they were even a few years ago. The number of burqa-clad women has been increasing steadily as has that of bearded men.

And religious conservatives have become increasingly assertive. Ongoing efforts by the government to revise the penal code have come under intense opposition from a small but vocal section that wants sharia law punishments like the death penalty, flogging and amputations to be included. Several public demonstrations supporting flogging have taken place in Male in recent months and those who have spoken against this practice have been threatened.

...The roots of the religious radicalism visible in the Maldives today can be traced to Gayoom's "Islamification" policies. According to a Maldivian political analyst, Gayoom, "though not an extremist by any standard", pursued policies that have made the Maldives vulnerable to religious radicalism.

He started the first Arabic-medium schools and replaced the liberal Islamic studies textbooks that were taught with until then with a stricter version he imported from the Middle East. Students coming out of these Islamic schools went to study in Islamic universities in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Flushed with Saudi funds, they returned home to preach a more rigid form of Islam that is alien to Maldives.

[see item 2]

read more @ asia times

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